Kuvira’s Gambit: She Shot Him Down


Just imagine. Legend of Korra is produced by a studio that actually cares. It gets 22 episodes per season. The writers have all the time in the world to let the story unfold in front of us, their marvellous fans. In Book One, Korra has the time to deal with the loss of her bending. We see her grow and gain the right to win them back. She goes on to trust her uncle way too much, and we see her fall for his lies as he manipulates her into helping him. All the way through Book Two and until the very end of Book Four, us fans bathe into the pool of perfection that is our favourite show. The weather is beautiful in fandomland and even though we are aware of the incredible sadness ahead, we also know that every single tear that we’ll shed when Legend of Korra ends will be of joy and gratitude for letting us take part to this incredible journey.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the series finale won’t be emotional at all. I’m going to cry like a baby at the end of Korra this week. All I’m saying here is that they better put out some sweet comics to complete the story, or, I don’t know. I kind of want Brian Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino to team up with Cartoon Hangover, but I’m afraid that the universe would explode. You just can’t have that much awesomeness gathered in one place.

Also, Nick, just so we’re clear, we hate you.


Zaofu. Kuvira gives a motivational speech to her army. She reminds them (and us) that Republic City is on Earth Empire land stolen by Avatar Aang and she really doesn’t want to share her land with anybody, especially not President Raiko, who sucks. Okay, I may have invented that last part, but seriously, once again, I can’t say that she’s completely wrong. After the speech, Kuvira and Bataar dream of the day they’ll get married and rule their empire side by side. They hug and it’s kind of sweet, in a “we are a couple of delusional sociopaths” way. Something feels off though. Maybe it’s in the way Bataar professes his love and Kuvira doesn’t answer that she loves him back. To be fair, Kuvira saying “I love you” sounds like something I don’t want to hear, like a venomous spider singing Carmen or something.

In Republic City, Raiko has a crisis meeting with Prince Wu, Korra, Tenzin, and Mako, which is interrupted by Bolin and the Beifong sisters. Zhu Li, who is with them, reveals Kuvira’s plan to attack Republic City in two weeks. There’s no time to waste: they have to evacuate the city and cut the rail lines, in the hopes of slowing Kuvira down.


At the factory, Varrick supervises the construction of the Hummingbirds. Bolin brings Zhu Li to him. Varrick seems genuinely touched by her love declaration and apology. Until he ruins it. Fortunately, hair-down Zhu Li is not the kind of woman who will let a dude walk all over her, especially not the love of her life.

Meanwhile, Mako gives evacuation directives to the citizens via radio. However, this is Mako we’re talking about. He’s not very good with words and people start to panic, this until Prince Wu takes over. He appears to be a pretty good orator. Or, you know, he knows how to talk to the “small folk” or something, even though I felt like he was talking to a bunch of 5-year-olds the whole time. Yeah, not a fan of that scene. Anyway. He gets the job done and that’s the most important thing. We wouldn’t want any citizen around for the big showdown. Well, Tenzin’s family stays, but they’ll probably be okay. By the way, where is Tenzin’s youngest kid? I mean, I’m not crazy, Pema did give birth to a fourth child, right? WHERE IS HE?


Montage! Our heroes progressively evacuate the city while preparing for the battle to come. They ship the civilians away by train to, er, somewhere, and General Iroh (who is amazing and handsome and is voiced by Dante Basco, like all amazing handsome men should be) brings his fleet to the front lines. Soon, Republic City is nothing but a beautiful, heavily defended ghost town.

A week later, Tenzin and Lin install President Raiko on Air Temple Island when they’re interrupted by Team Avatar, who want to take out Kuvira’s Spirit Cannon before it reaches them. Tenzin is against it. Raiko approves.

On the same night, two officers guarding an outpost are disturbed by the marching of mechasuits. Kuvira’s army is one week early. I guess Kuvira forgot to be careless once again. Good on her. The two officers are about to warn their superior when the ground suddenly shake under the tremendous mass of a -OH MY GOD THAT’S A GIANT MECHASUIT AND THE SPIRIT CANNON IS ATTACHED TO ITS ARM. Sorry for the caps, my brain shut down for a second there. Wow. To be fair, I’m not the only one to stay dumbstruck at the sight of the metal giant. The guards are, too. The giant mechasuit fires its weapon. The beam disintegrates the outpost.


Dawn. Team Avatar crosses the sky on a flying bison when they spot Kuvira’s army and their big surprise. A soldier informs Kuvira of the presence of the flying animal. The Avatar. We watch Kuvira as she mans the giant mechasuits with her metalbending and shoots her Spirit Cannon at Team Avatar several times. Team Avatar retreats. Wise choice, although to be fair, if they could isolate the thing, they could probably take it out. It can only shoot in the one direction, right? Use a bait and take advantage of the distraction to immobilize it or something. Also, giant mechasuit? I mean, I have a thing with giant robots, but do I really believe the giant mechasuit thing? Well, yes, but only because it’s controlled with metalbending and still seems fairly simple, as far as mechasuits go. I mean, it’s no EVA.

Back on Air Temple Island, Team Avatar warns everybody that Kuvira is only a few hours away from Republic City. Pema immediately runs to help Prince Wu evacuate the few remaining civilians while Asami and Su head to the factory to check the Hummingbirds, and Korra joins Iroh on the front lines.


Kuvira arrives at the gates of the city with her army. The look on those who haven’t yet seen her giant mechasuit is priceless, a mix of “oh f*ck” and “ugh, we’re totally gonna die, aren’t we?” President Raiko tries rebuking her with empty threats. Kuvira is having none of it. She proceeds to destroy things, then points her weapon directly at the United Republic army, this until President Raiko surrenders. Talk about being badass.

Korra refuses to give up. She takes Tenzin, Bumi, Jinora, and Kai on a mission to capture Bataar Jr. and force him to reveal the giant mechasuit’s weakness. The mission goes smoothly and is actually kind of awesome to watch. Also, little nerdy thing, but if you look closely when Bataar punches in the code to enter his suite, the numbers are actually Chinese. But I digress.


Bataar Jr. is now at the Hummingbird factory, in the hands of Team Avatar. Korra enters the Avatar State to try and bully him into talking. Bataar Jr. is not impressed. Meanwhile, his ship arrives at Air Temple Island, where Raiko is supposed to meet him to discuss the terms of the surrender. His absence is immediately noticed. At the factory, Su talks to her son to no effect. Bataar Jr. does not care for her feelings. Kuvira is the only one on his mind. Korra understands. She tells Bataar Jr. that if he doesn’t tell Kuvira to back off, she will make it her life’s mission to keep them apart.

On Air Temple Island, Raiko radios Kuvira. He informs her of the disappearance of Bataar Jr. At the same time, Bataar radios her from the factory. He gives her Korra’s terms in a passionate plea that could only come from someone that is truly, desperately in love. Kuvira’s operator detects the origin of the signal. Kuvira seems to be moved by Bataar’s words and even says “I love you”. Then, she calmly arms the Spirit Cannon and blasts off the factory.


Nice. Very nice. A little rushed, as usual, but still very effective. I loved this one, guys. I can barely believe that the next recap I’ll write will be the last one. I hope it’ll be grandiose. Well, maybe not, I don’t want to set my hopes up and then be completely disappointed. Do you know what I really want, though? I want Korra to go after Kuvira and her Spirit Cannon with all her strength. I want some Avatar awesomeness. I also expect chills, gasps, tears, and a little bit of a heartbreak for this series finale. Are you ready, folks? I know I am.


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