Are you ready for Insurgent?


‘Tis the season of epic movie trailers, folks, and look what we’ve got here! Not only did we finally get a kickass official trailer for The Divergent Series: Insurgent

…we were also treated to a Tris-featuring sneak peak! Both are intense, action-packed, and slightly terrifying, and what else could you possibly ask for? Rejoice, fandom!

Nadin: After being more of an unsure and insecure character in Divergent, Tris finally looks fierce and badass – the way the protagonist should. Also, did I mention that Kate Wislet as Jeanine terrifies hell outta me?

Rachel: I hate the universe. Though seriously, Shailene Woodley’s hair is spot on this time around.

This entire series is a little to Hunger-Games-y to me. All this BS about the “chosen one” just seems like lazy writing. What a surprise. Shitty books make shitty movies.

Also, Octavia Spencer and Daniel Dae Kim? Was not expecting that.'

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