It’s Madness! The Mad Max: Fury Road Teaser


Well, holee sheet. That Mad Max trailer be mad trippin’!

When an official teaser trailer gets released, you assume there will be a few quick flashes of something cool, a shot of a big name on screen, and BAM! Slam to blackness and credits. The Mad Max: Fury Road Official Theatrical Teaser Trailer is 2 minutes 29 seconds of sweeping, eye poppingly gorgeous desert scenery, kick ass apocalypse road rage, and then a literal storm of awesomeness. That music! Those clips! That Hardy! It’s got our attention.

Roz: Apparently this is nostalgia trailer season. Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and now Mad Max. What year is it? Who cares, it’s not time to see these movies yet. A single tear rolls down my cheek. You blockbuster tease! This movie looks crazy. Everything is different now.

Anais: I’m going to admit something: I know of the Mad Max franchise, but I don’t remember actually watching the movies. Still. Post-apocalyptic Earth, insane character designs, Charlize Theron, and Tom Hardy. I’m. On. Board.

Nadin: We definitely need more projects that have the word ‘mad’ in them, just for the hell of it. Also – this movie can’t happen soon enough!'

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