All out for Inside Out!


It began with the feelings we felt watching Pixar movies. Next year, the creators of Toy Story and Finding Nemo invite us to meet those who really rules our emotions: our emotions. Is it time for us to start preparing the mandatory butt load of tissues you need to watch a Pixar movie?


I watched the first trailer! I watched the characters promo videos! I watched the UK trailer! I… Am not as excited as I thought I would be! Yaaaaaaaay!

Having only five emotions ruling your entire personality seems a little simplistic. I’ve heard that there’s supposed to be more than just the five but, let’s be honest, all the trailers have been about the ones that we already know, it looks like they’re going to be the main focus, and what we’ve seen so far doesn’t look very original. You know what though? I hated literally everything about Frozen until the moment it showered its wintery awesomeness all over my face. Trailers are just not very good sometimes, and I still like that the characters seem to represent a side of a personality more than “just” the one emotion. Count me in.



“OMG OMG OMG! I cannot believe we’re finally going to address ‘the voices’! I am feeling slightly less insane by the minute… *ahem* Anyway! All this cuteness in just ne movie? Not sure how we’re going to handle it without, you know, exploding. Have you seen Sadness? Have you seen Fear? And – wait for it – HAVE YOU SEE ANGER? Have you REALLY seen Anger? I need this movie to happen NOW!


I dare you to tell me they’re not the same person.'

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