The Mentalist: “The Greybar Hotel” Finally Sets The Right Bar For The Season

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Funny thing about The Mentalist is that it is that kind of show that I totally get over while it’s on hiatus, but when it comes back, I count hours – not even days! – between the episodes. It’s a good thing it almost never disappoints.

I’ve got to admit that when the promo photos for season 7 came out, I was quite intrigued by seeing Lisbon in orange prison jumpsuit. Unsparingly, my first thought was – “OMG, covering up for Jane and his shenanigans has finally gone too far”. Boy, was I wrong!

But let’s not jump ahead!


“The Greybar Hotel” opens with a couple of not entirely sane people, Marie Flannigan and her boyfriend Cole, stealing a crazy expensive car. Unfortunately for Marie, who insists on driving, the escape doesn’t go according to plan and she gets caught. It turns out the FBI had their eyes on Cole for quite a while already and was hoping to get some information from her.

Well, ha! Marie refuses to cooperate, and Lisbon has no choice but to go undercover as a prison inmate, hoping to befriend Marie and get her to reveal Cole’s location. Good luck with that! Marie is not your fuzzy bunny and she’s not at all interested in braiding each other’s hair and sharing secrets.

Back at the FBI, Abbott gets a visit from the CIS because, by the looks of it, Cole is not just a car thief – the scheme is much bigger than that, possibly involving drugs and bombs, so they kind of really need to get him.

Agent Vega continues being out of place and annoying. Also – did you just take Jane’s cup?! This is the end of you, lady. No one takes Jane’s cup!

It’s almost unsettling just how natural Lisbon is with the other inmates. Granted, she’s a cop and knows how to talk to the people behind the bars, but still! On the bright side, saving Marie’s ass got her a much needed girl talk, which actually was adorable – the way she talks about Jane when he can’t hear always is. In other news, it’s probably a good thing they’re not big on AirCons in correctional facilities.

The bad thing is when the FBI searches the warehouse Lisbon helped them locate, Cole is not there. Apparently, to be a successful criminal you have to be smart and cautious. Guess, they’d have to keep it in mind. One of Cole’s sidekicks that they do manage to catch tells them that Cole is still in town, which gets Jane thinking – Marie may be useless as a source of information, but she could still make a good bait. Plus, it probably wouldn’t hurt to polish Lisbon’s breaking-out skills.

I don’t know if it was something Lisbon signed up for, but Jane looks dashing in a vest and it does the trick – she can’t exactly say no. I assume she couldn’t say no regardless, but dat smile rendered her powerless, so… She’s up for this adventure! (PS Prison food sucks, guys!)


In the meantime, Abbott goes into a crazy mode and freaks Marie out enough to get her to start thinking about some kind of escape, and when Lisbon brings up her own ‘dire’ situation, they’re all set. The deal is – Lisbon comes up with the plan and Marie provides the ride, which the FBI hopes to be Cole.

Well, no, it would be too easy, wouldn’t it? It’s not Cole waiting for them outside the prison gates but yet another one of his thugs going by the name Hendricks, which is hardly something Lisbon was looking forward to, but the only choice she has is to keep rolling.

Cole promptly catches up with them when the merry trio stops for some soda and ice-cream – prison food, remember? Oh, look, Cole is a psycho! I MEAN WHO THE HELL SHOOTS SOMEONE FOR PLAYING ANGRY BIRDS?! (Or whatever that store clerk was doing with his phone) I hope the FBI is able to put Lisbon through some decent therapy when the case is closed.

Kudos to Lisbon for not losing her cool and even leaving a bloody mark – literary bloody – for the FBI. Naturally, Jane manages to read it and follows them, ditching Agent Vega in the process and leaving atrail of Gatorade bottles for the rest of the Scooby gang. I kid you not!

Lisbon is of course unaware of any of this, and once the happy company makes it to the helicopter and is about to take off, she decides to try and take the situation under control before it’s too late. That does not go well. Cole catches her inching towards Hendricks’s gun – which was totally not her fault because who leaves the gun just lying around?! – and chooses to get rid of her. By then Jane has already caught up with them, and when Cole is about to shoot his girlfriend, he jumps out of his hiding place, trying to arrest the three outlaws.

Of course, it proves being a bad idea, seeing as how Cole refuses to believe that Jane’s not actually alone. Well, thank God this is when Abbott and the backup arrive and save the day. Phew!

And all would be right and well, if only Cole didn’t give up one of the other smuggler’s girlfriend’s name who turned out being Jane’s old ‘friend ‘from season 3, Erica Flynn. Trouble!

Fade out…


~ All in all, the episode was solid. And definitely much better than the first one, which was – seriously?! Being one of the lead characters, Lisbon is seldom in the center of action, and having an episode focused mainly on her and Robin Tunney’s epic acting talent is always refreshing and nice.

~ I don’t get Vega, her motives and her presence. Go away.

~ Jane and Lisbon are so cute together I keep swooning in a very undignified way. Shut up. We’ve been waiting for it for 6 years! Seriously though, he knows she’s ticklish and we all know how. I cannot believe we only get 13 episodes of this goodness!

~ LOVED the Ocean’s Eleven thing they pulled with Jane explaining the break-out plan to Abbott and the gang while we actually watched Lisbon and Marie execute it. “Show, don’t tell” in action! Also, did I mention that Robin Tunney is effing brilliant? Just FYI.

~ I am 99,9% sure Abbott knows about Jane and Lisbon, what with his ability to see into them in season 6, and he only doesn’t mention it because he wants them to come out on their own terms. But come on! The way he told Jane they’d get Lisbon out safe was, well, obvious.

~ Can I have the next episode now?


Lisbon: I’m not ticklish!
Jane: Yes, you are.

Jane [before Lisbon is taken to prison]: I’ll wait for you.


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