Star Wars: The Trailer Awakens

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The internet woke up today and it was like Christmas. A Star Wars Christmas. Star Wars: The Force Awakens official teaser trailer is live.


I can’t stop smiling. I always try to tell myself not to get too excited about a new Star Wars movie, but I’ve taken a nose dive off of enthusiasm cliff this time. The sand. The cute robot. The darkness. The lightsaber! THE MUSIC!!! THE MILLENNIUM FALCON!!!!!!11!!!1111!!!! TH-WE$45RF$^ISFRD KIRYfg$WEL*^IPOT&

I blacked out. Sorry.

I’m just getting really emotional. There are chemicals being released in my brain that were blocked the first time I heard the word midi-chlorian. I haven’t felt try joy since. And now. Now.



I am trying really hard to hate that movie. I don’t think J.J Abram’s should be directing it, because no man alive deserved to have the future of both Star Trek and Star Wars in his hands, man, that’s like being the president of both the United States and Europe. Still, I feel like today is my f*cking birthday. Hearing the Star Wars theme will never not make me happy.

Also, did you see that lightsaber? Because I want to see it cut through things. Like limbs. And metal. But mostly limbs.




This cast is unbelievable. John Boyega, Adam Driver, Andy Serkis, amongst all the returning cast. I just can’t.

Also, I think it looks amazing. I thought the original movies suffered from mediocre effects and corny CGI, but I can’t wait to see what JJ has done with the new ones. From the short scenes that we see in the new trailer, I can safely say that they look AWESOME. Even from just a minute and a half of mini clips, it’s obvious that it has a signature JJ Abrams feel to it, but it doesn’t lose its quintessential Star Wars look. And also, it’s a full year away from the release date, so I can’t even imagine how much better it’s going to look in theatres.

Why can’t next year come sooner?!


You know how sometimes the movie trailer gives away everything and when you go to see the actual film, you’re like, “Well, I knew this was coming. And this. And this… Give me a break!”

Well, I’ve got to admit that I approve of the new Star Wars teaser because it gives away next to nothing, save for some expected mystery one would be happy to look forward to. rmsgoz

Then again HOLY HELL HAVE YOU HEARD THAT SOUDTRACK?! HAVE YOU SEEN THAT CAST?! AND THAT BADASS LAZER SWORD?! All that awesomeness in just one film?! I bet they’re trying to prove you actually CAN die from the happiness overload.

We all know that shit’s gonna hit the fan and it’ll be fun, so… bring it on!'

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