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Because of NaNoWriMo, I haven’t been following what’s happening in the little world of animation. My bad, folks. Yesterday, as usual, I posted my Legend of Korra recap. I was half grumpy that they had given us a clip episode, and half delighted that we got to enjoy some sweet Varrick time. Soon after I posted the recap, one of my readers directed me to Brian Konietzko’s release about Remembrances, telling me that the show’s budget had suddenly been slashed. Although I suspected it, I did not know about this, having stayed away from Tumblr and most social media for a few days to be able to write, but it certainly reminded me that I should have been paying attention.

Here’s a handsome dude. Am I forgiven now? Sweet.

So. Let’s talk a little bit about the way Nick has been treating Legend of Korra, shall we?
2012Book 1 of Legend of Korra airs on Nick. It’s awesome, fans are delighted. All is well until Nick suddenly decides to give the show only twelve episodes for the season. The showrunners and their crew have to wrap everything up in a hurry, resulting in a lackluster finale that brought down the season as a whole.
2013 – At the end of Book 2, Nick starts airing Legend of Korra episodes in pairs. It was not particularly annoying at the time, but it would become a norm for the next season.
2014Book 3 is barely advertised before its premiere at the end of June. Nick decides to air two episodes a week until episode eight, when they suddenly decide to take Legend of Korra off the air and give it an exclusively digital release.
It’s still 2014. Book 4 started three months after the end of Book 3, which a lot of fans only knew about because they took the habit of getting their information directly from Brian Konietzko’s Tumblr. Nickelodeon slashed the budget, forcing the showrunners to do a clip show. Fortunately, it’s Brian Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino we’re talking about. They dealt with it as best as they could.
Nick, Legend of Korra is probably the best show you have right now, bringing in the audience that you would probably never get otherwise. There will be thousands and thousands of half-hour comedies for boys. There will be thousands of live-action family shows teaching values still set somewhere around the mid-90s. But you know what’s unique? The Avatar franchise. You will only ever get one show like Legend of Korra, and you treated it like it didn’t matter. We won’t forget this.
Nick has just announced that the show will be aired on the main channel again starting this week. It should be good news, yet I can’t help feeling like it’s some kind of trap, when it’s probably just a decision that may or may not be a response to the backlash that followed “Remembrances”.
At this point, I just want there to be a clip of Korra beating the crap out of a monster made of orange goo. Can somebody get on that?

Like this. Only she would win that fight.


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  • j9k62isbou7@yahoo.com'
    February 21, 2016


    Wow great review guys! It was kinda amesowe to hear David quote me For me I don’t think this show is as amazing as the first because they didn’t take the same amount of time to explore and establish characters. The moment they annouced a spin off animated series years ago I was excited but they made it clear back then that this wasn’t going to be half as long as The Last Airbender. The creators we’re saying that they didn’t wanted to produce more than one season. Perhaps they’ve changed their mind now but I know thats why The Legend of Korra feels rushed at times. I could easily see this storyline being done by episode 13. I’m a huge fan of this series although I can’t help but wonder how much I would have loved The Legend of Korra if I hadn’t seen The Last Airbender Either way once you’ll see this weeks episode I think you’ll agree with me that this show is definitely getting better.