Moar Music Into the Woods!

ItW title

Musical theatre and film geeks are getting excited about Into the Woods. Now there’s a fresh new trailer… with more music!

The Sondheim musical has been turned film fantasy/eye and earball candy by Disney and stars… well, everybody. Seriously. Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, James Corden, Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine, Lilla Crawford, Daniel Huttlestone, Tracey Ullman, Christine Baranski, Mackenzie Mauzy, Billy Magnussen, and Johnny Depp. And more. 


James Corden is so cute!


Everybody knows these bitches.

I was in the pit band for this musical at my high school, playing French horn and some crashing cymbals, as required. So, when you’re watching the new trailer, wait for the best moment, at 1:32, when the horns start building. Really, all the best moments in movies are signalled by horns. The hero enters, they kiss at sunset, a single tear traces down a trembling cheek… It’s all horns, baby. And I’m not alone. Check out Marc Papeghin play awesome moments from film on the horn.

And oh yeah, hornist hamster is a meme.


Only your adorable bow tie, little buddy.

– Roz Y.

A microbiologist turned screenwriter, she loves all things science. Roz enjoys video games (the cake is a lie!) and reading comic books, and arguing with other geeks about both. Inspired by screenwriters like Stephen Moffat, Edgar Wright, Fran Walsh, and Joss Whedon, her favourite genres are science fiction, horror, and fantasy. Roz is so cool she plays the French Horn and has a collection of fabulous head bands.

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