6 Things I Want to See in Korra, Book Four


Book Four has been announced! It will premiere at the beginning of October.


Nickelodeon does that. Just last year, their new Ninja Turtles show saw the end of its first season in August and the beginning of the second one in October of the same year. They’re insane. I am mostly happy, though. I love the month of October for many, many reasons, and this year, Book Four is going to be one of them. It’s called Balance, and if they do it right, it will be awesome. Here are some of the things I’d like to see.


1- Korra


Korra is not the brightest or most spiritual person around but she always believed in being the Avatar. Her attitude during the majority of the show was similar to the first thing we saw of her, at the beginning of the very first episode of the show, when a tiny Korra burst through a door, yelling “I’m the Avatar! Deal with it!”. I think that’s not going to be the case anymore. If I’m expecting her to kick ass as much as she did before the whole Red Lotus incident, I’m also expecting Korra to go through a really dark place in Book Four. They probably won’t go as far as making her cross to the other side and fight against everything she stood for so far but I’ll still cross my fingers for it. I expect Korra to suffer a lot. Because I love her.

How bad does this make me look?


2- Jinora



Jinora is a Master now! That means more responsibilities for her and, I hope, more of her in general! Jinora’s been one of my favourite since season 2. She is as close to being Aang as you can get. She has crushes and makes friends with spirit bunnies and kicks ass. I like that they actually shaved her head, it looks great on her. In an ideal world, one where Korra didn’t get only 13 episodes or so per season, I would expect Tenzin to die and Jinora to have to take over as the spiritual leader of the air nomads. Maybe in a future comics though. Meanwhile, I’m just happy to watch her take her place as an official Master. Since she’s so young, it should lead to some interesting conflict.

Also, the relationship she has with Kai is probably the least forced of the whole show, so I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more of it if it’s well written.


3- The Airbenders League


The last reveal of the season was that the airbenders were going to become nomads once more and help the Avatar maintain balance around the world. Interesting. How is that going to play, given that most of the new airbenders have not yet been trained to deal with those situations? I expect a lot of conflict between well-meaning airbenders and people who don’t want them to intervene. After all, the decision to send the airbenders around was taken without consulting the people and we know how well that usually goes. Do I also want to see some conflict inside the air nation though? I think we’ve had our fair share in Book Three.

Wait. Didn’t Tenzin have a fourth kid, back in season one? What happened to him? Is he going to be an airbender too? I am far from being into kids, but I’d take a baby airbender.


4- Spirit World orgy


Two reasons for this. One, I think that we need to see some human/spirit interaction. They didn’t show much of that in this last season and I’m craving for more. Ideal episode: spirits and human fighting while the airbenders try to calm things down. Two, Korra. I expect her to maybe seek Iro’s advice again, or simply to try to find a solution to her problems in the Spirit World. Maybe she’ll go on a terrifying journey to get in touch with her past lives again. Okay, this is wishful thinking, but wouldn’t it be awesome?

Plus, I must admit that I just want to meet some cool spirits. Remember the spirit that stole faces in Avatar? Remember the whole second half of Book Two? Yes. Like that.


5- More conflict in the human world


Last time we checked, the Earth Kingdom’s ruler died rather gruesomely and chaos reigned in the streets. As for the rest of the nations, well… I guess they are somehow alright? Republic City was, for once, not the focus of the season and we haven’t seen much from anywhere else but Metal Hipster City. That’s a big difference between Korra and Avatar. Traditionally, Legend of Korra is not a journey type of story, so we don’t have an excuse to see the entirety of the world. They started changing that in Book Three though. Hopefully, we’ll see more while following the airbenders around.

Seriously, though. If it rained on Zaofu, it would be called Vancouver.

6- Cameos


Zuko! Iro! Aang! That’s all! Wouldn’t it be awesome to see more characters from the previous show? I don’t know who. I don’t know when. I don’t know how. This is mainly the fangirl in me talking. I want everybody to hang out. Remember the beach episode in Avatar? Or the episode at the theatre? More than cameos, I guess what I’m asking for here is just some good, fun character moments. And some Iro time. I could always do with more Iro time.

I’m trying to stay realistic: they only have 13, maybe 14 episodes to wrap everything up. We are certainly not going to get everything we want. Still. I can’t wait.

– Anais L

Some say she’s French. Some say she’s a voodoo witch. What is certain is that Anais left her awkward print on all things artsy at one point or another in her life, performing as a singer and a pianist, exhibiting photographs and paintings, and leaving an embarrassing amount of visual proofs of those events on the internet. Anais’ dream is to be an animation writer. She thinks everything should be animated and she is more than half convinced that she is herself a cartoon character. She hopes that one day, Pendleton Ward or Jennifer Lee will read her screenplays and say they’re neat.

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