5 Things To Look Forward To In Haven 5


Rejoice, Haven family!

Months of painful waiting and anticipation are almost over – we’re officially only a couple of days away from the Season 5 premiere. We did it!

That, of course, brings up a very important question – what are we looking forward to seeing in the coming episodes?

1. Emily Rose’s brilliance


We’ve seen her as Audrey Parker, Lucy Ripley, Sarah Vernon and Lexie Dewitt, each of the ‘incarnations’ proving Rose’s acting talent. And now there is Mara. Now, as a fan of the show and a certain couple, I wouldn’t mind not having to deal with her. As a fan of Emily Rose, however, I hope she’ll get to show us what she is capable of for as long as she wants to play with this particular personality. Audrey Parker’s been a good girl for long enough. I sure do hope Mara will raise some hell in Haven before retreating to her more compassionate shell. So yeah, there’s that!

2. Eric Balfour’s haircut Duke’s fate


With Haven not being Game Of Thrones kind of show, I wasn’t particularly worried about Duke’s well-being even after the finale of Season 4 ominously hinted at his imminent demise. And still, one can’t help being curious about how they’re going to resolve his new eye-bleeding-nature-killing Mother of all Troubles. Amirite or amirite?

3. Dave’s story

Haven - Vince, Dave sitting

Like, ALL of it. Every detail, every smallest aspect – EVERYTHING! When did he go to the other side? How did it happen? Why was Sarah his biggest fear in ‘Fear and Loathing’? How is it possible that Vince who knows everything about everything overlooked something as big as that? And most importantly, is Dave a good guy or bad? How far would he go to avoid the magical door?

4. Jennifer’s fate


I do want to believe that Emma Lahana’s decision not to return to the show will not make them all forget about Jennifer and all the half-truths and unanswered questions from Season 4. Like, who was Jennifer Mason? What was she? What did ‘Child of Ruin’ mean and why was she chosen to be one? The part of me that grew attached to Jennifer is sobbing in the corner while the other part is endlessly curious and wants to get all the answers! I do hope they’ll touch upon the similarities/differences between her and Dave, like why could she see the horseshoe crabs and he couldn’t, or why did they react differently to the otherworldly door?

5. The truth about Agent Howard and the Barn


It’s been bugging me since William mentioned the mysterious ‘them’ that took Mara from them, and I keep my fingers crossed for an explicit explanation of who/how/why/when/for what purpose decided to protect the world from Mara’s evilness. Which, of course, implies answering all the possible questions about the Troubles – were they really created just for fun or was there a greater, bigger purpose? What’s the story with re-troubling and did Duke’s daughter get the Croker family curse back (since she was supposed to lose it once Wade was killed)? That is, if she inherited his Trouble and not her mother’s, which would be extremely unfortunate.

Bonus 6. What happened to James and will we see him again?

September 11 is almost here! Don’t miss Season 5 premiering on Syfy at 8PM ET/PT! Who’s excited?

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