by Nadin P.

Hellatus Day 10

Frankly, I have no idea how I am going to make it through the next few months without going crazy. Not after all the finales that seemed to have happened all at once, or at least that’s how it felt.

To be fair, however, not all of them were as OMG as I expected, which felt a teeny tiny bit underwhelming and disappointing. Like Castle, for example. Although it’s more of a pet peeve of mine than anything else – I honestly can’t stand it when the main character is threatened because it is so obvious that nothing particularly bad could happen to them (shush, Teen Wolf fandom, I’ll get back to you). My social network pages raged for days on end about the car crash but what’s the worst thing that can happen to a character named Rick Castle on the show called Castle? Excatly!

Teen Wolf, on the other hand, by killing one of the main characters, proved to us that no one is safe on that show. Granted, that’s ensemble cast shows for you, people. They’re really into reminding us all that they have enough characters not to care about individuals much. Remember The Vampire Diaries? It’s a shame though that the most boring character on Teen Wolf happened to be kind of THE main one as well and they can’t really get rid of him yet. (And turn it completely into the Stiles Show, muahahaha!)

Both Sleepy Hollow and Bates Motel had quite decent season endings that made me want them to come back ASAP while Haven’s finale still makes me wonder if I’m going to keep watching it or if I’m going to give it a rest for a bit.

What made me really and truly happy, however, was the Season 6 finale of The Mentalist, which – to be honest – I didn’t expect at all.


I got into The Mentalist quite a while ago and it has been my comfort show ever since. And by comfort I mean watching it for the stories and the dialogue, often randomly and usually when I have several episodes to watch back to back instead of following it religiously and catching up every week. It also was, for the longest time, one of a very few shows where I didn’t ‘ship’ anyone. I mean I was totally cool with Rigsby and Van Palt getting together and I’ve always harbored some hope for Jane and Lisbon because their chemistry has always been going through the roof but I never thought they’d actually go for it until, say, series finale, if ever.

It’s a quite interesting phenomenon, actually. Whenever the fandom of the show – any show – wants two characters to get together, they rage over every ‘almost’ kiss and ‘almost’ moment and curse the writers for bringing in the other love interests that ‘ruin’ their relationship of choice. Yet, the moment the people do get together, confess their everlasting love and share a kiss or two, the interest of the audience fades.

We’ve all seen it happening on many shows, and there’s a simple explanation as to why – we feel safe, accomplished even. Regardless of the general premise of the show, there’s nowhere else to go, right? It is particularly correct with the shows that tend to not kill off the main cast (supernatural/paranormal shows are a special case. obviously). Which is exactly why it does make sense to keep the characters apart for as long as possible – you get the full attention from the audience, thus securing the ratings.

To be completely honest, I was wondering for the longest time where The Mentalist was going with its storyline once the Red John one was resolved. I was sure the show-runners or the network would choose to wrap it up after Season 6 as rumor had it. It did have a good life and, for better or for worse, I actually am one of those annoying people that prefer the show to end before it kills itself.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Season 6 was a massive ‘out of comfort zone’ moment. You never knew what was going to happen next. They never practiced the time jump and the changes they brought in before, and I wasn’t entirely sure if I was okay with most of them. Halfway through the season, they eliminated CBI completely, scattered the team all over the place, turned Jane into a criminal that has to hide on a remote island. Then they reassembled the team, somewhat, making them all work for FBI, making Van Pelt and Rigsby leave for good. I was watching all that with a major WTH?! hovering over my head, kind of like in one of the silly cartoons. And then Agent Pike showed up and started a relationship with Lisbon, which wasn’t surprising but which made me even more anxious about the future of the show since, like Van Pelt and Rigbsy, she could just pack up and leave. AND IT TOTALLY WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN COOL! But – out of comfort zone, remember? Nothing was unexpected, per se.

safe_image (1)

Which is exactly why I was, in fact, surprised – and quite pleasantly so – when CBS announced Season 7 a couple of weeks ago! Pleasantly surprised and worried, that is. With Van Pelt and Rigsby gone and the entire format of the show rearranged and Lisbon potentially leaving (although I didn’t think they’d remove her for good but you never really know), I was anxious.

And then “Blue Bird” happened…

In the Season 6 finale of the show, it’s Lisbon’s last week in FBI before she moves to Washington, DC, to join Agent Pike (gag) after their, I don’t know, 5 dates. Jane, being delusional and in denial, what with being oblivious to his own and Lisbon’s feelings for God knows how long, doesn’t believe she’s actually doing that until Cho opens his eyes because duh, how long was she supposed to wait for him? Anyway, to buy them a little bit of time, Jane digs up – literary – an old case and tricks Lisbon (and the rest of FBI) into solving it, which delays her imminent departure. Until she finds out it was just a game, of course. Well, not the case. He actually solves the case. But she is still pissed and rightfully so.


Speaking of which, in addition to ‘don’t shop when hungry’ and ‘don’t make promises when happy’, there is apparently ‘don’t agree to marry someone when pissed off at someone else’, which is what Lisbon does, responding to Pike’s proposal with a yes (ew!). Side note – can we please talk about the awesomeness of Abbot and Cho? And by awesomeness I mean Abbot’s ability to see right through Jane after knowing him for what, a few months? All the while Cho is adorably oblivious to everything around and can’t believe that Jane and Lisbon could be attracted to each other. Man, it was priceless.

Back on the track!

With Lisbon gone to the airport, Jane finally realizes that he can lose her forever and rushes to stop her. Of course he forgets his FBI badge in the car and has to climb over the airport fence and run (!!) to the plane before it takes off. He tells Lisbon he loves her (OMG MY TWITTER AND TUMBLR ARE STILL EXPLODING WITH GIFS AND QUOTES AND FANART!!!!) although she doesn’t seem to be able to respond properly, and then he’s taken away because you can’t just climb over fences at the airport and get away with it, obviously. Of course Lisbon can’t leave after what Jane said, so she comes to the airport security office where they keep the criminals with sprained ankles and tells Jane she feels the same before they share their first real kiss (MORE GIFS AND FANARTS AND FANFICS AND FANVIDEOS ALL OVER THE INTERNET!!!)


All in all, this episode was one hell of an emotional roller coaster. I’m sticking to the spoiler-free policy as much as I possibly can, so, truth be told, I wasn’t really expecting anything in particular, not with the Season 7 coming our way some time in 2014. I was even okay with Lisbon maybe leaving for a little while and then realizing the Pike was the wrong choice, blah, blah, blah. Bruno Heller didn’t disappoint, however, and even though I had my doubts over the general season arc of Season 6, I believe Season 7 looks promising from where we’ve left, and I can’t not look forward to seeing more of charming Simon Baker and ever gorgeous Robin Tunney.


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