Renewals and Cancellations: What The Bunnies Thought


Do you know what time of the year it is, folks? It’s the time when all the big guys officially announce which shows have been granted worthy of another year on air and which shows are going to be buried and forgotten forever. This, whether or not you, the audience, think that their fate is deserved or not.

Here at The Plot Bunnies, we are television enthusiasts. We love ourselves a good TV show, especially when it’s beautiful and warm outside and we should be outside enjoying the sun or socializing. Good thing because when this particular time of the year comes, we are ready to deliver our rage and/or delight to the world with no shame. And also with colours.

Violet – We’re tickled purple. This is the happy place, nestled in deep, royal, sumptuous velvet, drinking wine and eating candied petals while Channing Tatum and I play Portal 2 Co-Op.

Indigo – Good news, everybody! We’re having a pizza party and watching The Princess Bride. We’ve made grape Jell-O spiked with vodka and the drinking games are just getting started.

Bleu – The colour of sadness, full of melancholy and the tears of lonely unicorns.

Green – HULK MAD! We burst into a large, green geek, completely shredding our nerdy t-shirts and bras, screaming like dragons with hangnails.

Yellow – The glowing hot anger of our sun, fueled by the nuclear fusion of hydrogen nuclei into helium. It’s a new kind of mad, less “in your face” and more “melting your face”.

Orange – When your rage transcends time and space. We’re not mad anymore. I have a Dr. Manhattan-like ennui concerning whatever it was I want angry about. Fuck you, I’m out to Mars.


Ready? Ready.



Status: Renewed

One of The Plot Bunnies long-time favourite shows. We are concerned that it’s renewed -We wouldn’t want to transform the show into another Bones, dragging it out until its life is nothing but pain. At some point, you have to be a grown up and take your show to the vet to let it die with dignity. Still. Our Castle hearts are happy. More Nathan Fillion! MOAR!


Super Fun Night

Status: Canceled

… Yes. Thank you.


The Mentalist


Status: Renewed

The feelings applicable to Castle are applicable to The Mentalist. More Simon Baker? Duh. Still, we would not want it to last longer than necessary. The Mentalist -no spoilers in case you haven’t been watching it- seems to have earned a pass at season 7 though. Are we excited to see how it will turn out? Hell yeah.



Status: Canceled

Like Arrested Development, Community was probably ahead of its time and it will probably stay one of The Bunnies’ favourite TV shows of all time. We are mad about the tease of another season, only to have our hopes smashed like a city being protected by Zack Snyder’s Superman. But We’re not surprised anymore. We’re numb. No, what you see rollling on our cheeks are not tears. What you hear is not our helpless wailing. We have no feelings anymore. They disappeared along with our hope.


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D


Status: Renewed

On Conan, they described this show as boring characters mentioning exciting superheroes. The Bunnies agree. The show was a disaster before Captain America: The Winter Solider and then kicked it up a notch with Hydra coming in to the picture. I’m mad at the show and about the show and I don’t think it’s earned a pass to season two. But, maybe this show will live up to its potential someday. It’s not like anybody can stop the Marvel train, so we only have one thing to say: GET IT TOGETHER, SHIELD!


Almost Human


Status: Canceled

It is sad but not surprising. Even with Karl Urban’s star power and Michael Ealy’s baby blue eyes, it was doomed to die. We shall look back with fondness, and hope that this doesn’t deter studios from attempting another sci-fi show like this ever again. One day they’ll get it right, and We are very much looking forward to that day.


Brooklyn 99


Status: Renewed

Woo hoo! This new comedy is fantastic and we’re really excited about its coming back. The show is SO FUN and I tell a lot of people to tune in for Andy Samberg’s antics in this cop drama-procedural spoof. The characters are fantastic and every episode is packed with laughs. This is the kind of show you never get sick of. Until you do. And then it stays on for three more seasons.


The Michael J Fox Show

The Michael J. Fox Show - Season 1

Status: Canceled

Again, thank you. This is a proof that sometimes, the big guys know what they’re doing.


Orphan Black


Status: Renewed

The Bunnies love themselves their weekly dose of conspiracy and Tatiana Maslany awesomeness (and Felix. We love you Felix). We wouldn’t miss season 3 even if shirtless Hugh Jackman in 70s pants came knocking on our door with an offer from Disney to buy each and every one of our screenplays until we die. That’s how awesome this show is.

That’s for the Bunnies two pence on the renewals and cancellations! But what is that? There is more?



Sleepy Hollow

Status: Renewed

Sleepy Hollow is just the right combination of cute, creepy, funny and intriguing to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The wonderful performance we all enjoyed during the first 12 episodes has left us with quite a lot to look forward to, and honestly, autumn can’t come soon enough!





Status: Renewed

CASE IN POINT. How many times can you stab and disembowel each Winchester brother until they can’t possibly get revived by some ridiculous ancient Enochian rain dance? The answer is they will continue to get stabbed and disemboweled until the end of time. These poor souls will continue to play these characters until they’re fighting demons in wheelchairs. They’ve missed way too many opportunities to move onto bigger projects because of the fans and CW’s stranglehold on their sexy, unshaven necks. If you care about them, LET THEM GO.





Status: Renewed

Shut up forever, this show is amazing! So glad it’s coming back, because I just don’t have time for a violent rampage. I love the leads and Lucy Liu is the best Watson ever. People who don’t watch Elementary out of some misguided devotion to Sherlock are stupid. I’m slowly working through the list and punching every single one of them in their nuts, or tits, as appropriate.





Once Upon A Time

Status: Renewed

I completely gave up on that show at the beginning of season two. A few weeks ago, they announced that the next season would have Elsa as a new character. Elsa as in Elsa from Frozen. Disney did it. They bought out an entire show to serve as advertisement for their products. I am speechless and enraged and will of course watch every episode where Elsa appears just to have a reason to yell at the show for ruining everything.


And you? What did you think of this year’s announcements? Let us know!

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