Remedy: Let’s Talk About New Beginnings

Snapshot 3 (4-9-2014 4-34 PM)

by Nadin P.

Wasn’t it February 24 just yesterday? It sure feels that way! I have to admit that it was hard to look forward to the finale because I didn’t want the awesomeness of Remedy to end. Seriously, can you blame me?

ETA (May 1, 2014): But now that we have another season coming our way, the finale wasn’t the end of the world 😀 Excuse me while I asdfghjkl!!! (Because how awesome is that?!) Thank you, Global!!


“Quit The Horizon” starts early in the morning with the alarm clock going off. Personally, I’d choose to silence it with a hammer, but Sandy is not that violent in the mornings. We learn that she’s hiding in Mel’s place, ignoring Brian’s calls and eating grilled cheese sandwiches at night. The pillow talk scene is lovely, who wouldn’t mind staying in bed and ignoring the world for a while?

Over at Beth H, Nurse Patel – Nurse Patel is baaaaaack!! – is all over Brian, trying to figure out what happened and why wouldn’t he use his ‘hot bod’ to lure Sandy back – good question, actually. I mean – abs! – while Dr. Summers suggests he just needs to get back on the horse. Is that an offer? I am yet to decide whether Brian is all noble or indeed an idiot. Such as shame they can’t have a gossip party because they actually have work to do, what with dying people all around *sigh*

So, Dr. Tuttle sent a letter to the management board or whoever they are about Allen being biased when his family is involved. Really? I thought she was long over it. Low! So, so low!

In the ER, Mel is trying to help a woman named Alison Pears who may or may not have been accidently (we don’t know yet) shot by her husband WHO WOULDN’T SHUT THE HELL UP!! Seriously, dude, we get it, you’re worried and/or guilty but she’s clearly not going to respond. Would you cut it out?  Geez! Just sedate him. Asking on behalf of everyone.

I kind of like Kanaskie. Sort of. Because he’s entertaining. And mostly hilarious. But can we please talk about how not cool it is to make someone work extra shift just because you can? It’s not just the fact that he’s being a jerk but it’s seriously dangerous. And it’s going to backfire. We all know it’s going to backfire.

You take your hands off of Nurse Patel, you freak!!! I told you they needed to sedate him! No, mom, I can’t be a doctor because hospitals are full of weird people who are crazy weird, not fun weird. Even Brian’s got that gleam in his eyes now that I don’t want to see again. Something’s totally not okay here. Even Griff sees it.

Speaking of Brian… asking your future maybe ex father-in-law for help? Ouch! Awkward much? Gotta love Allen’s diplomacy though because the correct answer would probably be, “Not my problem, dude!”

“Oh, hey Sandy! I’m trying to replace your dad as Acting Chief of Staff. And your ex fiancé just had a fight in the ER. Tootles!” – Dr. Tuttle.

Mel is in the OR, trying to save Alison and voicing what all of us are feeling – stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns. Oh, wait, Jerry likes guns. I forgot what I wanted to say because I lose the train of my thought every time Brendan Gall is on screen.

Question! If Allen saw Lonnie prep the room and spotted the toy she should’ve removed but haven’t, why didn’t he just point it out to her?

Oh, hey Brian! Funny running into you here at the hospital where we both work. What are the odds? *nervous giggle* Did anyone write down Dr. Tuttle lemon tart recipe?

Oh, shoot! Mel lost the woman. No pun intended.

On the other hand, if I was married to that jerk, I’d totally shoot myself. I can’t believe that he has guts to complain about being punched after he killed his wife and attacked Nurse Patel. How about “Thank you for not pressing charges”? Man, his grief is touching…

Fire Lonnie to send a message?! How about firing Kanaskie for making her work ten thousand shifts?! Don’t you dare, people!! Lonnie is not going anywhere and I don’t care who gets hurt in the process! (Okay, okay, I don’t want anyone to be fired but whatever).

*deep breaths*

Meanwhile in the ER, Brian gets to deal with the girl who ran her mom over with a car. Lmost not on purpose. And this, ladies and gents, is what having a bad day looks like.

So, Griff can go back to med school is he starts attending AA meetings (AA being ‘addicts anonymous’). Is this an official condition?

Allen is still trying to convince Mr. Pears to make the right decision. I’m still trying to understand why the man who is basically responsible for his wife’s death is in any position to decide anything at all.

NO, IT IS TOTALLY NOT COOL TO FIRE LONNIE! Good girl, Zoe! Tell Griff that the rules should be the same for everyone. I don’t want Sandy to get in trouble – I don’t want anyone to get I trouble, for that matter – but let’s talk about equal treatment for everyone, shall we?

Gotta love Griff for standing up to Allen! FYI, I totally think that Sandy did the right thing back then, taking the blood sample because she owed that much to Zoe, but speaking of that special treatment Dr. Tuttle was talking about – can we not do that? And did you just call Griff’s friends and collagues ‘strays’, Allen? REALLY?

“Being a single mom is hard. First you give them everything you have and then they run you over with a car and you die,” – a motivational speech like no other. Poor Sandy.

Season finale of Remedy couldn’t give me a better present than bringing Dr. Guerra back. He’s so awesome!!! *insert huge crush here* And he likes working with Mel. AKA double awesome!

Yeah, you can only avoid your kind of ex for so long. I wonder if talking is such a good idea but yeah, go on, kids.

Can we please pause here, forget for a moment that Allen is totally wrong about Lonnie and just focus on what a great person and doctor he is?  I knew it! I knew the husband was bad news! Of course he shot Alison on purpose because they were fighting! God, he creeps me out.

Haha, Zoe and Griffin uniting against Kanaskie might be one of my favorite scenes in the entire season! Priceless doesn’t cover it, not even close. “I call everyone ‘girl’.” He’s adorable when he’s panicking.

Geez, Mel, don’t you know how to knock?! …. No, wait, that’s your apartment. Never mind. Geez, Sandy!! Let’s talk about the disadvantages of living with a roommate. She might want to get another couch now or something. On the bright side, YES!!!! Sandy knows what’s best for Sandy! Sandy called off the wedding for a reason.

Isn’t it annoying when you’re forced to flee your own apartment and go play floor hockey with a bunch of hot guys? … No, that came out wrong. Never mind. Let me tell you one thing, guys. I loved Remedy from minute 1, but I never loved it more than during that hockey game. Because CUTENESS OVERLOAD!

Oh, man, and then Mel and Jerry kiss! Okay, I’m at my fangirliset right now. Consider yourselves warned.

Ha! Of course Zoe and Griff have a plan. Let’s see, let’s see… you think porters and PSAs are not important? Well, 10 minutes without either—and Lonnie gets her job back!! High five to everyone! I hope they cleaned up that puke in the hallway. Gross.

And let me just point out that Zoe is doing the right thing, letting Griff figure out what is it what HE wants. And maybe getting help is not a bad place to start.

Another awkward dinner that doesn’t involve the proximity of a bed or a couch… and Sandy needs space. Is it just me, or Brian is really not happy?

Wait, what?! WAIT, WHAT?! Dr. Tuttle – new Chief of Staff??? Oh, boy…. Can someone give Allen a hug? Like, seriously?

If Sandy and Mel are going to live together, they need a system and some signals. A sock on the door? Old school but better than nothing. I get it that they’re close but they’ve probably seen too much of each other’s boyfriends. But!! But Brendan Gall is so hot I can’t even—

Standing ovation for Enrico Colantoni and Dillon Casey for that absolutely amazing father-son scene where they finally face their issues. It’s not that we ever doubted the talent of these two men, but it’s always a pleasure to enjoy it over and over again. Except you’re totally not cool now, Allen! Did you really think Griff would tell anyone on you?! We need to talk about it!

AA meeting it is! Zoe and Griff are just the cutest, aren’t they? And they could tlak about it afterwards. He’d share his drug stories, she’d tell him about binge-eating chocolate. Win-win! Oh hey, Dr. Tuttle! Now that’s going to be weird…

That last scene between the Conners (before they start fighting over how to assemble the crib because that’s what everything comes to eventually when a family gets together) is just the best. Like, seriously. I can’t help loving the fact that they’ll always find a way to make everything work. They’ll figure it out and all will be right in the world, one way or another.


Special thanks to the wonderful cast, crew and the writers for making Remedy one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. All the support and live tweeting with us and being super nice – it means a lot, and I’m not sure there are words to fully express how much, exactly. Just – thank you!!

~ If it was Brian who sold Allen and Sandy, I hope Mel smacks him with a hockey stick.

~ Now, I’m sure Dr. Tuttle is all cool as a doctor, except for the couple of times when she was totally wrong, but her people skills suck. I do hope that Allen will find a way to get his position back.

~ Don’t. Just don’t ever talk to anyone about sleeping with their kids. Or parents. Or siblings. Yes, Brian, I’m looking at you.

~ I said it before, and although my mind shifted a bit over the course of the last few episode, I’m going to say it again – Sandy can do much better than Brian, and whether or not he’s responsible for her father’s replacement, I don’t think I want them to get back together. He is too much of a self-centered and arrogant jerk for her. Sorry, not sorry.

~ What really bothers me is that we still don’t know what’s happening with Josey and her chemo!! This needs to be addressed ASAP!

~ Most of my thoughts right now are a scattered wish list for Season 2, mostly. Like, Griffin figuring out what he wants from life, and since it’s a family medical drama, I assume he’d either go back to med school, or at the very least stays in Beth H as a porter. Then we also have Bruno, who needs to become a real doctor since he’s clearly more qualified than half of the staff at this hospital and he deserves that much.

~ And maybe – maybe! – by the end of Season 2 I’ll finally stop confusing Robert and Frank. Don’t have a problem with their last names, but can’t remember the first ones for the life of me. So embarrassing!

~ Almost said “Tune in for more next week!” but… Tune in for more next winter! Me? I’m gonna go get myself some grilled cheese!


“You were eating in my bed!” – Melissa

“Nice jabs there, man! Right from the shoulder!” – Griffin

“How sad. How tragic.” – Dr. Tuttle

“So, you drug people for the living and shoot plates for fun.” – Melissa

“No, son, it’s not fair. But that’s the way the world sometimes.” – Allen

“Yeah, the one who got knocked up and left the baby daddy in the dust. I heard about that.” – Dr. Guerra

“You gonna blame me for the crappy weather, too? Or that haircut?” – Kanaskie

“I call everyone a girl. I call him a girl!” – Kanaskie

“Please tell me you two weren’t in my bed.” – Melissa

“Actually, you’re sleeping with my sister, in my condo, apparently on my couch, so it just became my business.” – Melissa

“Floor hockey and root beer. Safe to assume you’ll be asking me to prom next.” – Melissa

A coffee junkie and a passionate traveler, Nadin is in love with all things writing – because who wants to live in the real world, anyway? TV or films – everything needs to be fast paced and dramatic. Scary? Even better! A vampire at heart, she can always be found in her cave, glued to her laptop. As a dedicated yogi and someone who can easily hike all the way to Alaska, Nadin thinks she’s the unhealthiest healthy person ever – because pizza, duh? She strongly believes that live needs to be lived, so… walk away from whatever makes you sad and make things happen!

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