Remedy: Secrets and Break-Ups

Snapshot 3 (4-9-2014 4-34 PM)

by Nadin P.

What can possibly be sadder than a sad clown? Nothing, and trust Remedy to prove it to you.

“Shadow Of Doubt” is, by the way, the second episode that opens with someone stumbling/running/falling out of the bar at night. Oh, hey, drunk Brian! You’re fun! With the wedding around the corner, it’s right about time to get wasted at your bachelor party and have a heart to heart with Griffin, now that you’re basically brothers and all that. I bet all the little money I have that Griff would rather be in Thailand right now.

Holy… what?! Was that woman just hit by the car?!

In the meantime, Sandy’s bachelorette party is far less exciting and consists mostly of eating ice cream and throwing up in Melissa’s bathroom. Better than nothing, I guess, but still! Wait, come again? Brian does not approve of strippers? I almost missed the rest of the scene because I was too busy laughing – because what?! It’s kind of fascinating how the Conner sisters can start a fight over nothing in under 2 seconds, don’t you think? It’s almost an art, really.

Oh, hey there, Griff! Remember med school? I hope all the surgical skills are like riding a bicycle–Never mind, the cavalry is here. And by cavalry I mean ambulance. Lucky Brian. When in doubt – pass out.

Kanaskie, with his love for gossiping, should’ve joined the girls’ party. And thanks for breaking the news about her fiancé’s adventures to Sandy. Smooth and subtle!

In the porter quarters, Griff help himself to some coffee to make it through the day, probably wishing they had coffee IVs. Ah, Bruno! I’m not even kidding when I say that my heart breaks for him every single time. Don’t you just hate it when the system keeps you from helping the people you love? Good thing Griffin is a decent guy you can turn to for a favor. Yay, Griff!

I wonder if the on-call surgeons are slacking off because Allen is too busy to deal with them, and by busy I mean… Hi, Mel! You really need to make sure you lock the door, Dr. Conner, Chief of Staff. Just in case your daughter walks in on you and your not girlfriend. Aaaaawkward! I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Mel’s idea of getting her daily dose of excitement either. Wait, was Allen going to introduce them AT the wedding? I said it before and I say it again – this family needs to work on their communication.

There are so many things that can happen to you while you wheel someone somewhere at Beth-H! Like, your girlfriend saying hi, or your sister attacking you for not looking after her fiancé at the bar. Fun morning, Griff, huh? And by the way, I totally feel your pain – I’m always the only sober person, at every party. On the bright side, you remember stuff! Even when you don’t want to.

Never mind.

I swear to God, nurse Patel’s eyebrows need to be acknowledged as separate cast members! Especially when she’s pissed off. And who wouldn’t be? Especially when you find a doctor passed out, hungover and hydrating, on the bed you need for the actual patients. Okay, wait, pause! WHAT?! Josey? First of all, Ann Pirvu is so damn pretty! Second – WHAT DO YOU MEAN CANCER?! GET OUT!

I might have had a bit of a breakdown here because now I can’t help imagining her going through all the tests and finding out that her cancer is back – while we were dealing with all the unimportant stuff in the past few weeks. [Ugly sobbing] You know the episode is going to be heart-wrenching when the dying mother from the last week’s one doesn’t seem that sad anymore.

First the Colonel and his beer, now Tess and her olives (yuck!). Trust Griff to help them out! Except she can’t eat anything because they need to run more tests because she has a tumor mass in her heart… Don’t you just love it when the doctors tell you that the car accident basically saved your life? No offence, Tess, but I doubt it was in your birth plan either, so… just roll with it now, okay?

It totally makes sense that Remedy airs on Mondays – whatever happens in each and every episode totally sounds like Monday to me!

I LOVE Dr. Guerra, by the way. At this point I don’t even care that he scares Tess to death because yes, stop romanticizing childbirth – it is barbaric and primal and ugh, and can we please keep him forever? Thanks! If I were Tess, though, I’d probably take off the moment they turned away – because honest is honest but scary is scary!

How drunk do you have to be to grab a cactus instead of your drink? But I guess they see weirder things on a daily basis. (Google “Crazy ER stories” and have fun). Allen does a good job convicting the cactus lady Violet to sign up for the experimental drug use. What wouldn’t you do if they pay for your bus tickets?

Is Brian visiting Josey the saddest moment or what? At this point I seriously need everyone to drop whatever they’re doing and try to convince her to give chemo another try. I mean I totally get her reasoning, it’s probably not fun at all but WE NEED TO SAVE HER!!!! And in the worst case scenario, can Brian and Josey just run off to Africa and make their dreams come true? IMHO, they have zero romantic chemistry but we all need a friend sometimes, and the whole friendship thing seems to be working out so good for the two of them.

I’ll get back to you after I fetch more Kleenex. Brb.

Dr. Guerra asks Mel to assist him. Heart surgery, big deal. Has she got balls? Hell yeah! Have you seen the first 7 episodes of Remedy? If anyone’s got any, it’s Melissa Conner! We just need to figure the whole Jerry thing out.

No, Allen, let it go, really. You don’t want to be talking to your kids about your non-relationships. It’s gross. (Major flashbacks – it is gross, don’t!)

The dreams are made of Africa! Who doesn’t want to go to Africa?…. Okay, I don’t see Sandy being okay with the idea but still! Africa! Matt Ward and Ann Pirvu are killing it! [More ugly sobbing]

Remember that time when Griff asked Allen for a favor? Well, he’s still not in med school as far as we’re concerned, which mean he’s probably in no position to ask for anything, ever. Or at least until he becomes a surgeon or something. But hey, that’s what sisters are for! … It was probably a bad idea to back up Tess on her c-section decision though. I honestly can’t take any sides here, they’re all right for different reasons.

Violet is back with complications. She thinks it’s eggs. Allen thinks it’s the test drug. I think I don’t trust test drugs as much as I probably should. I also don’t think I like eggs.

Man, this entire episode is made of awkward! I’m pretty sure that finding Brian passed out in Josey’s room wasn’t on Sandy’s bucket list, but what do I know? Have you seen her face? It was a murder face! Then again, she knows about Africa now. They can consider it at least. Maybe.  Also, if Josey goes missing mysteriously, we’ll know who to blame.

It’s not that I don’t like Wendy. It’s that I’m not sure if her thing with Allen is happening because he’s awesome or because she wants him to hold back test results and not reveal any side effects of the test drugs. Whatcha think?

Aw, Mel is practicing on the plastic cups! Points to Jerry for deciding to pull out of the surgery to make sure she’s comfortable and doesn’t kill anyone by accident. I’m turning into a puddle of goo whenever Brendan Gall is on screen, and I’m not even sorry. He’s cute! But he better get out of there before Mel murdered more cups than absolutely necessary. They probably have friends and family and—

And Mel and Bruno are my favorite team from now on! Of course he knows how to help her. I doubt there’s anything he doesn’t know, frankly. If they don’t automatically promote him to the status of a surgeon AND a superhero, I’ll be disappointed for the rest of my life.

Erm, when Tess asked Griffin to be with her during her c-section, I seriously doubt that her idea of ‘support’ was sad and depressing stories about his misadventures in Thailand. You don’t tell that stuff to a woman who is too nervous to be in the OR on her own, Griff! You talk about sunshine and rainbows and unicorns, not about dead people. Can we please not kill her?

We all love Bruno and his banana techniques and his stories, right? RIGHT? We love him so much for fixing Mel’s anxiety issues. Also, new approach? Is this man a genius or what? And no more plastic cups need to die, yay. Seriously though, imagine how many people would have not made it if it wasn’t for Bruno. Just let it register…

Oh my God, Violet’s not just a patient, she a spy! No, wait a sec, she’s on a suicide mission! Because that’s what it’s called when you sign up for a whole ton of test drugs so that you could pay the rent. Seriously, stop giving me the ideas! It’s kind of weird that no one reported her before AND that she’s still alive. But – oh well!

What do you mean Jerry can’t pull out of the heart surgery?! Yikes!

No, Griffin, you put that bottle down!! It’s not like Tess is dead or anything, she’s gonna be fine and you’re going to—yep, you’re going to ruin the best thing happening to you at this point. It’s never a good idea to drown your sorrows in alcohol, to begin with. They usually can swim, which is a bummer, and… And of course Zoe has to walk in on him! Okay, Griff is upset, and Zoe is upset, and I assume the audience is upset because it was a bottle of some quality stuff that she smashed, but is it really a reason to break up? Is it?

Backwards it is, then! And see, Mel, it’s not that scary to have Jerry around. Personally, I’d find him extremely distracting as well *sigh* I mean, come on! Who wouldn’t?

Don’t ever tell anyone it’s hormones, whatever the reason. I’m not kidding. Hormones or not, saying that is like asking for a punch in the face. Also, I can’t really take sides here because personally, I don’t see what the big deal is. Brian made a friend, and with his attitude, it’s an achievement. On the other hand, if I were Sandy, I’d go ballistic as well. Good thing they fixed it right away. I wouldn’t drop everything and move to Africa though.

Where the hell is Tess’s husband?! It’s been what almost 2 days! Is he flying from Mars?

Allen Conner deserves a medal for the most diplomatic break up technique. Shame he doesn’t have a date for Sandy’s wedding now, especially after he’s already introduced Wendy to Mel who, I bet, would be happy not to have to live through this traumatic experience.

Okay, I admit – that scene between Mel and Griffin might very well be my most favorite scene since the beginning of the show. I’ve always wanted them to fix their issues, and when they finally did, it made me go all awww! No words can say how happy I am to see Mel’s character growth since the beginning of the show. Now, go get some ice-cream, kids.

I’m not sure I’m emotionally ready for the next one but hey, same time same place next Monday, right?


~Weirdly enough, I found this episode particularly sad because most them so far had a complete arc and a story that was wrapped up by the end. Not knowing what’s going to happen to Josey and whether or not she’s going to try and fight cancer again makes me uneasy. CAN WE PLEASE SAVE HER NOW?! I’m serious.

*Side note – Ann Pirvu is so lovely!

~That thing George R.R. martin has with the weddings? Remedy has it with the babies, apparently. Now they need to meet and talk it out and we will all be happy.

~Goddamn you, Dillon Casey! That OR scene and the story and the freak-out – he owned this episode!

~I want Sandy and Josey to become BFFs and have girl talks and stuff.

~It’s always a delight to see Tony Nappo! He’s been an extra/guest start on so many of my favorite shows I can’t be not happy about his appearance. His characters are always slightly goofy and extremely lovable, and can he please stay? Sincerely, everyone.

~This entire episode was made of overreactions. Which was hilarious. Sort of. Except I really want Griff and Zoe to fix their issues. That’s the thing with the couples that get together early in the show – they’re likely to have problems before you get a chance to swoon over their cuteness. Honestly, no idea what’s better – to wait for 5 years for the first kiss or to brace yourself for the insane amount of ups and downs.

~I need to know the secret of Melissa’s post-operation hair.

~It’s amazing how artfully Remedy puts you in the situations that make you question the rights and wrongs. Like, with Josey – is she right to give up without trying again if the meds and chemo didn’t work the first time? And Tess? How do you choose if it’s the mother or the baby that needs to be a priority? It’s safe t say I worship the writers of this show.


“I guess you’re never really cancer free.” – Josey

“There’s nothing perfectly logical about birth – it’s barbaric, primal, and you have got to let this go.” – Dr. Guerra

“Life happened.” – Brian

“I’m going to be putting my hand inside her chest. I don’t see how you can downplay that.” – Dr. Guerra

“You lose the heart, the rest doesn’t matter.” – Dr. Guerra

“I’ve got the balls.” – Melissa

“It’s just me and my mother, and my mother give me anxiety.” – Tess

“You don’t have to be perfect to do the work well.” – Bruno

“She’s a professional guinea pig.” – Wendy

“You just fell. We all fall.” – Melissa

“I’m almost out of wine, and believe me, there are no dealers in my neighborhood.” – Melissa

A coffee junkie and a passionate traveler, Nadin is in love with all things writing – because who wants to live in the real world, anyway? TV or films – everything needs to be fast paced and dramatic. Scary? Even better! A vampire at heart, she can always be found in her cave, glued to her laptop. As a dedicated yogi and someone who can easily hike all the way to Alaska, Nadin thinks she’s the unhealthiest healthy person ever – because pizza, duh? She strongly believes that live needs to be lived, so… walk away from whatever makes you sad and make things happen!

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