Remedy: Tick Tock!

Snapshot 3 (4-9-2014 4-34 PM)

by Nadin P.

Serious question – if people are not watching Remedy, what are they doing with their lives?

In other news – oh, my God! I like Brian Decker! MATT WARD, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! I need to reevaluate everything about my existence now. No joking.

We start with yet another crazy day at Beth-H where the insane-looking band folk are terrorizing Nurse Patel when Brian shows up for his shift. If you’re not early, you’re late!

Away from all this madness, Zoe and Griffin are having a lovely, mostly undressed morning at the Conner house before Griff’s interview with the med school people that Brian set up for him. Could these two be any cuter? I mean come on! I’m melting all over my chair. To be fair though, I don’t see what’s wrong with Griff’s outfit. But then again, I own almost nothing that isn’t a hoodie, so…

In the meantime, Brian walks in on a very naked band guitarist who, for some reason, decided that taking off his pants is a must for an eye sight check. Ooookay! In any other situation I’d say ‘aaaawkwaaaaard’, but hey, we’re at the hospital. Stranger things happen. And we’ve seen most of them already. They don’t get to do much when Nurse Patel comes to snatch Brian away. Apparently, something really bad is going on in the Trauma Room. I swear he looks almost happy to escape.

Until he gets to the Trauma, that is. Although it’s not someTHING so much as someONE. And said someone is not doing well, at all. I bet Dr Decker would very much rather deal with every weird musician in the world than make the phone calls to his soon-to-be.

I guess we’re lucky that the busy morning does not necessarily mean having a whole lot of surgeries going on, or Sandy wouldn’t be able to show Mel her wedding dress. In the OR. Because it sure seems like the right place. I’m happy Beth-H has a lax policy when it comes to the employees using its facilities for personal purposes. I’m also happy that the sisters have finally fixed all of their issues because their relationship is a true highlight of the show. A bit snarky now and then, but very caring and loving overall. It does feel like a gulp of fresh air, what with all the sick people around…. Is Mel slightly OCD?

Speaking of Mel, whatever she’s been going on since her anxiety attack in the OR last week (episode wise), she’s still no talking to Allen. Not surprising. I wonder how many voice mail messages he’s been leaving her per day. Did he stop trying to bring her bagels? I’d say he should have tried wine. The expensive one. But maybe some other time. Not when Brian is calling.

Back in the Trauma, yet another family reunion is brought to you by – DRUM ROLL! – Rebecca! I’ve been wondering what she’s been up to since that day at the court. And the answer is – changing light bulbs and, well, getting paralyzed.  Fun times!

Zoe dressing Griffin for the interview is one of the most adorable things I’ve seen on TV. Because dressing people is fun, period. And because I love seeing them being all so sweet and stuff. Also – is it just me, or is hanging out at his place on her day off is sort of a much bigger commitment than having breakfast together? And who says no to breakfast, anyway? She makes me question my life choices, and I’m not sure it’s a good idea.

Have you noticed that all of the Conner/Baker family reunions inevitably happen at Beth-H? I wonder if it’s their thing, or just some seriously bad luck. That’s family business for you, people! And when did Sandy have time to change?

Of course Griffin knows the band! It just wouldn’t be the same if he didn’t. I bet Nurse Patel murdered them all in her mind already, in some very, very gruesome way. I almost feel bad for them! And I don’t trust Griff’s old friend.

Not that they have time to worry about it because Brain comes over to snatch him away for some family time, or whatever it’s called when your mother is found unconscious on her porch and no one knows what’s going on with her. Who else thinks that the med school interview is probably not happening today?

Man, don’t you just LOVE Rebecca for pretending she’s been sleep/unconscious until everyone shuts up and leaves?  Their bantering would give anyone a headache. Also, I’m happy to see a glimpse of her relationship with her kids. So, addiction runs in the family then. Interesting! I’m starting to see where Mel’s issues come from.

I’ve got to admit that whatever Josey did to Brian is finally working. He’s actually paying attention to his patients, yay! Even if they’re slightly insane artsy/music people.

Meanwhile, the band needs to camp somewhere because, you know, parking is damn expensive! Which I totally agree with. Sick or not, NO ONE can afford it. Let’s make it Griffin’s problem, shall we? Because Nurse Patel doesn’t look happy about it. I swear to God, she’s fierce enough to save the world in case of Apocalypse or something. Shout out to Anusree Roy! She’s my new favorite thing on this show.

Okay, this is scary. This is seriously scary. I’m not sure who freaked out more – Allen or me – when Rebecca said that she didn’t fall because she was drunk, she fell because her legs went numb. Are you scared yet? Because I am, big time. Come on, Allen, who cares about conflict of interests? She’s the mother of your kids!

Poor Brian. And I’m not saying it sarcastically this time. Wow. Not only is he stoically dealing with the Conner family drama but he is almost voluntarily signing up for it for the rest of his life. Or at least that’s implied. Welcome to the family indeed! And he can’t really take any sides either. This deal sucks all over, you guys. Matt Ward has earned so many points already, and we’re not even halfway done with this episode.

Staycation? I wonder how many times Melissa played Operation in the past week. Together with Jerry, she’s beyond adorable. And nervous. And she hates being nervous around a guy. Especially around the guy she likes. They need to become an item right now! I feel you, Mel, he’s distracting. No one can possibly pull ‘neurotic’ as brilliantly as Sara Canning, you people! And it’s probably for the best that the operation got cancelled anyway. Got get that dinner. Or lunch. Or something. What time is it?

Ha! Kanaskie being a fan of the band is the best moment ever. Excuse me, I just realized that ROFL (Rolling On The Floor Laughing) is not just an expression. Frank is honestly the most awkward groupie in the history of groupies. Bringing the band downstairs? Good call, Griff! (If anyone’s interested, this is exactly what I look like when I talk to cool people. Gawd, it’s embarrassing.)

“Just because you’re my ex doesn’t mean you’ll get to have any special treatment, Rebecca, so we’ll just leave you in the corridor for the time being.” I’d crack up more at that scene if her paralysis wasn’t moving up her legs, goddmmit! IT’S A HOSPITAL! FIGURE SOMETHING OUT! I mean come on, I’ve been holding my breath for the last 15 minutes and it’s not getting any easier.

And don’t you dare tell me it could be fatal! Did Melissa actually suggest Griff should go bond with mom because they have similar issues? Man, I’d kill to see one of their family dinners!

No, Allen, she did not cancel the surgery. She’s got issues but she’s not a coward, duh? Well, at least they’re on a semi speaking terms again. Sort of.

There is something absolutely terrifying about watching strong people fall apart. It’s amazing that Rebecca has it in her to lecture Griff on his choices and stuff when she’s probably scared out of her mind. Guess it’s her coping mechanism. And wow, they do have a lot in common!

That guitarist guy is a bit of a douche. I almost wanted Mel to cut his hand of. Except she’d get in trouble for that, so I’m happy that she didn’t. If I were her, though, I’d ask Nurse Patel to freeze all of him. Just for the hell of it.

Is it just me, or Zoe actually looks absolutely organic and comfy in the Conner house? Griff should keep her, even though she’s not happy about him skipping the interview. But hey, it’s a family business, it’s not like he is having fun with his buddies in the basement—Wait a minute…

The scene between Sandy and Rebecca was absolutely heartbreaking. Who cares about the nurse questions when there’s a chance that Rebecca might not see the flowers at Sandy’s wedding?! Remember that episode when THEY WERE KILLING THE BABIES? I think I had an anaphylactic shock myself when Rebecca almost died. Don’t do that to me, Remedy, it’s not funny!

Yes, Sandy, I’d freak out, too. Yes, Brian, I love you for being there for her [insert heart emoji here]

I cannot, for the life of me, imagine Allen and Rebecca married. I do love their friendship dearly though. We need more of it. Also, Martha Burns is so damn amazing I have no words. This woman deserves all the awards for trying to die with as much dignity as one can possibly muster. Toasting to her ex husband’s ‘equipment’ with some smuggled booze? Yes, ladies and gents, that’s Rebecca Baker for ya!

Wheelchair races! I always wanted to have a wheel chair race. Except it implies being a wheel chair so I took it off my bucket list. Just in case—But I’m kind of happy for the band guys. It seems like fun!

YOU PUT THAT PILL DOWN, GRIFFIN CONNER!! God, it’s like life taught you nothing. And you, weird girl, you’re a bad influence, go away. He’s got a nice girlfriend who looks cute in his shirt and he doesn’t need your gigs. Now, shoo!

No wonder Melissa and Rebecca don’t quite get along – they’re too much like. Both are no-nonsense and stubborn as hell. Guess this is where understanding comes from as well. Wait, come again? Melissa’s been having anxiety attacks before? Well, she has to cut people. Who couldn’t? Although this time it’s because of the boy she likes. Oh my, how absolutely endearing is it? Especially because Jerry stopped being ‘a boy’, like, 20 years ago. Aw!

Okay, I don’t really like the guitarist – he creeps me out – but losing his hearing? AND sight? Man, that’s cruel. For once I want Brian to be wrong, but I have a feeling that he isn’t.

Yo, crazy girl, keep your lips, hands and everything else off of Griffin! Especially pills! No, especially lips. (This is when I started throwing things at my TV).

Aaaaant my timeline melts when Melissa confronts Jerry and tells him to stop being tall and charming – no and no! (She doesn’t really mean it, shhh!) All those big gestures and stuff – they’re nothing. Now, giving up their surgeries together – that’s just… yes, that kiss was well deserved.

Stop being so awesome, Brian!  On the other hand, I would assume that a hospital wedding is every nurse’s dream, so carry on. Good thing Sandy’s got her dress right there and nothing stands in their way of getting married right there at Beth-H. Except I’m really freaking out now because it means that things are really bad for Rebecca AND I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THAT!

Seriously though, I want to know about Mama Baker’s crazy life. It’s amazing how she makes everyone else in that family look frighteningly normal.

Wedding dress and running shoes are the new black. Let’s accept it as a fact and move on, shall we?

Oh God, it was just a tick! I’ve never been more relieved in my life – TV-wise – than when they fixed Rebecca. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that Remedy is actively trying to kill me every week. Jesus!

Gotta love the look on Mel’s face when she told Allen it wasn’t his fault she freaked out. Guess she’s done with being pissed off. How lovely is that, guys?

Who cares about commitment when you can have breakfast food for dinner?!

Come back next week for more family drama! As always, right there with you at 9PM on Global!


~ All the awards to Martha Burns! Seriously, how awesome this woman is? Her performance in Tomorrow The Green Grass is beyond incredible. And it’s not like this show is making me balw my eyes out every week or anything.

~ Zoe and Lonnie’s friendship will always be my favorite but the one between Rebecca and Allen is definitely a close second. I don’t even care about their past issues or whatever, I’d absolutely sign up for 45 minutes of the two of them just talking to each other.

~ No words can say how much I adore Jerry. Please never stop being tall and charming! Where do they keep them in real life?

~ Nurse Patel needs to be in every episode, I kid you not. She needs to team up with Zoe and Lonnie so that the three of them could exchange the best of one-liners.

~ I will never not be amazed by the brilliance of all writers who work on Remedy because when @RemedySeries asks for best lines, I’m tempted to tweet every single one of them.

~ It was interesting to see the Conners/Bakes family dynamics in action. I’ve been waiting for it since episode 1, and I’m happy that no one died in the end. I did freak out when they were sort of saying their goodbyes though. Don’t do it again!

~ Sarah Allen looked GORGEOUS in a wedding dress! I mean she’s always gorgeous but especially in that dress.

~ I missed my Josey and Lonnie fix though 🙁 Ann Pirvu and Stephanie Belding need to come back ASAP!

~ Special moment of standing ovation for Enrico Colantoni for being so incredibly convincing as a doctor I’d gladly ask him to be mine. Without a moment of hesitation, honestly.

~ Ticks are gross! I once had to remove one from my friend’s hair when we were volunteering at a summer camp a few years back and the memory still makes me shudder.

~ Where do we vote for Dillon Casey wearing nothing but boxers for the rest of the season? What, just asking!


“You’re cute but the guy I slept with last night would know better than to wear that to a big interview.” – Zoe

“Breakfast equals ‘Commitment’.” – Zoe
“Or it equals ‘We’re hungry’.” – Griffin

“Ever since we split up, they simply tolerate me.” – Rebecca

“Staycation?” – Jerry
“You’re in my spot!” – Melissa

“I’m a lousy dancer anyway.” – Rebecca

“Griff should go first, he’s the expert.” – Melissa

“You really know how to his the wrong nerve.” – Rebecca

“You can tell me everything, Melissa. I will take your secrets to my soon to be dug grave.” – Rebecca

“Who wants an imperfect surgeon?” – Melissa
“ Nobody but every patient gets one.” – Rebecca

“You’re like a tall good looking ultra sweet Peeping Tom.” – Melissa

“The more you look at me, the less you’re gonna like what you see.” – Melissa

“I started drinking when I was 14, Griffin. I know things about addiction you don’t. I can remember none of them right now.” – Rebecca

“Gross.” – Sandy

A coffee junkie and a passionate traveler, Nadin is in love with all things writing – because who wants to live in the real world, anyway? TV or films – everything needs to be fast paced and dramatic. Scary? Even better! A vampire at heart, she can always be found in her cave, glued to her laptop. As a dedicated yogi and someone who can easily hike all the way to Alaska, Nadin thinks she’s the unhealthiest healthy person ever – because pizza, duh? She strongly believes that live needs to be lived, so… walk away from whatever makes you sad and make things happen!

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