Remedy: “Scary Bears” and Wool Socks


Every week I say – THIS is my favorite episode! And every following week, Remedy comes back with something even more epic. I’m starting to see a certain pattern here.

Night. Alley. Allen follows drunk Mel out of the strip club. I swear to God, I could hear the audience all over Canada go “WHAAAAAAA–?”

Oh, okay – 16 hours earlier!

Mel is on the treadmill going through her prep notes as she gets ready for the surgery with the name no one in their right mind can pronounce. The more complicated the name, the more complicated the process, it seems. I totally agree with the treadmill technique, by the way. She gets a call from Sandy and pretends that the surgery is not a big deal. Gotta love how they struggle with it name. Both of them. And don’t you just love seeing the Conner sisters being on speaking terms again?

Meanwhile at Beth-H, Brian is dealing with the patient who could be abused by her employer. Remember that thing when Brian was trying to be sensitive and pay attention and stuff? Well, it turns out that the woman – Angela – has been to the hospital before and apparently he misdiagnosed her and didn’t notice her broken rib. OUCH!

Downstairs, Zoe finds Griffin to tell him that she is HIVnegative. Yay! They have this awkwardly adorable – or adorably awkward, you choose it – moment when we are all thinking “Aw, this is it!” But then Bruno shows up to call Griffin, and I swear it was the one and only moment so far that I wasn’t happy to see Bruno! Anyway, he drags Griffin away because the latter has a surprise visitor.

A few of us probably recall that time when Griffin used to have a stripper girlfriend. Well, she’s still a thing. And she’s not feeling well. And she came over to get some antibiotics from her doctor boyfriend. The perks of dating a Conner, I guess.

Brian’s day doesn’t get any better when the employer of the potentially abused Angela shows up. Frankly, I wouldn’t let the guy anywhere near anyone, what with his attitude. Yes, I would totally call the social services as well.

Oh, no! No, Natasha, it’s not a cold when you cough up all of your insides! And anyway, even if it was just cold, why would you want to kiss someone anyway? It’s gross. Mel’s face when she sees the blood on the glass – priceless! If you could say “I knew it!” with just one look – that would be it.

Speaking of Mel – Jerry is back! I was starting to get worried. Their ‘flirty not really flirty’ conversations are lovely. And no, the surgery is not a big deal. Just another [day of the week] for her. Why would anyone think otherwise?

Okay, I do like Brian here. A lot. They way he talks to Sandy about Angela and the way he feels about rushing through the previous examination is obviously hard on him, and wearing a red nose wasn’t a complete waste of time by the looks of it. He’s got a chance to make it right, and I bet he’s going to use it.

If Zoe Rivera has a bucket list, going out with Griffin Conner is most likely somewhere at the top of it. Somewhere between getting negative HIV test results and, I don’t know, maybe buying new shoes? Which is exactly why she kind of sort of asks him out, in a very casual way. If he is free. Later. Right when he takes some stuff to Natasha’s ward. Bad timing, bad timing all over. In the ideal world, Zoe wouldn’t see his ex-not-quite-ex. On Remedy – she does.

Natasha is definitely not having the best of days either. Cold? Ha! How about tuberculosis?

After examining his son’s troubled girlfriend, Allen goes back to the med school talk, pointing out that his sister is having a MAJOR surgery scheduled for the day, and “she’s not even a natural surgeon”. OMG HE DID NOT JUST SAY THAT!!! First of all, come on! Mel’s been kicking everyone’s asses at Beth-H since episode 1, and if she isn’t THE BEST there, I don’t know who is.  And second – you’re her father, you don’t say things like that, period! Whatever the reason, you just don’t! You sure don’t say things like that in the hospital where you can (and most definitely will) be overheard by said daughter. So, guess what happens? I honestly thought that she was going to stab him with the tweezers. And Griffin, too. For good measure.

Somewhere away from the Conners’ family drama, Brian meets Kyle – Angela’s babysitting charge. Who incidentally turns out being a teeny tiny bit violent and psychotic. No, I did not see that coming! No wonder she didn’t say anything – she was protecting him. This is so going to backfire.

In the OR, Dr. Kiddleman is late for the surgery. He instructs Mel by phone/intercom to start without him. In exchange for something from Duty Free, of course. No biggie, right? But maybe not after what she’s just heard from her dad. Jerry is there, keeping the patient safely unconscious, and he can’t help noticing that Mel’s hands shake. Yikes!

Kyle is being sedated until they figure out what’s wrong with him. I’d recommend applying this to everyone, frankly. Patients and their parents and spouses alike. Just imagine how much easier everyone’s work would be!

Zoe calls Griffin out on his evasiveness – he wasn’t FREE free, just, you know, later. They are adorable when they have their first couple’s fight without even being an official item yet. We all enjoyed it, I believe. Also, Zoe’s got a point. But then again, so has Griff. I’m torn here. Griffin is a good guy – a good guy with major issues but good nonetheless, but if I were Zoe, I wouldn’t be happy about any of it either.

Then again, she’s got Lonnie to talk to about their not really relationship. Shame it was the only scene between the two.

I think I had a bit of a breakdown myself when Dr. Kiddleman finally arrived – hopefully with some Duty Free present – and told Mel that she did a great job. That she was a natural. No wonder she had a panic/anxiety attack – man, she needed to hear it! Except it’s too much for her delicate psych at the moment, so she flees. To clean her apartment. In cute socks. It’s that kind of day, people. Which is exactly when my twitter exploded for the second time – Jerry arrives at her place to check up on her. Which is adorable because everyone needs a friend now and then. Even Melissa Conner. Especially Melissa Conner.

Can we just pause for a moment and acknowledge the fact that even though Allen Conner kind of screwed up this day as a father, the PANDAS joke was the best! Plus, Brian’s face was a special bonus. Even though it’s not quite funny that Kyle might have it. But hey, it’s a show about the hospital. Everyone’s supposed to be sick.

Speaking of which, the curiosity gets the best of Zoe and she goes to check up on Natasha. Sort of. In the form of cleaning around her ward. I believe I’ll be speaking for everyone – or at least most of us – when I say that it was the least likely bonding we expected to actually work. And yet here we are! Granted, the two have A LOT to talk about. Tarot cards. Snakes. Griffin Conner. Explosions in the oxygen-filled rooms. Griffin Conner, again.

Kyle dad is not buying the PANDAS diagnosis. Understandably. It sounds too cute to be true. Poor Brian.

Seriously though, do we have a ship name for Mel and Jerry? Because that cozy scene on the couch begs for it! Big time! Well, it did, until he mentioned her shaking hands. Because he was watching her. Because he likes watching her. And who would blame the guy? Well, Mel would, actually. In her book it’s apparently invasion of privacy. So she kicks him out, finishes the wine and calls her dad—

Who is hanging out with Griffin at the club. Not for fun exactly, but still! I agree with Griff here – that’s not what you’d put on your bucket list indeed.

At Beth-H, Bruno gets himself and Brian in a bit of a trouble when Kyle, drawn to the hospital basement, runs away from him. I guess the sedatives wore off a tad too soon.

Wait, what about the oxygen-filled room? Isn’t it, I don’t know, dangerous to have the Tarot reading in candlelight when they can blow up, like, half of the hospital? Not that it isn’t intriguing. Especially when guilt-driven Zoe reads too much into it and freaks out. Her reading is quite accurate, if you think about it. And if you know a bit about Tarot.

Not that it matters because we cut to—

Drunk Mel bursting into the club to find Allen examining Griff stripper friends so that they could talk out their issues. Or so that she could accuse him of only being there for Griffin, take your pick. I wouldn’t stay in her way when she’s on a mission, to be honest. It’s probably not safe.  And then Allen and Mel punch us all in the gut with this heartbreaking scene in the alley. No, you can never be too strong for your father’s approval. I’m happy that Allen said Mel is better than just ‘natural’ (what does it mean, anyway?), but I’m not sure it’s enough to undo the damage.

In the meantime, Natasha and Zoe have THE talk. Sort of about Griffin, except neither of them knows what to say, exactly. It’s like this entire episode is made of awkward.

Down at the Beth-H basement, Brian and Bruno find Kyle at last. Wait, is having a cardiac arrest? Good thing it happened at the hospital and there were two doctors to help him. And wasn’t the scene of him reuniting with Angela the sweetest? (I still can’t get over the fact that his disease has the most adorable name).

Oh, look, ‘Operation’! MELISSA CONNER NEEDS TO STOP RIPPING MY HEART OUT!! Damn, I need a bagel.

Right after I stop screaming.

Yes, this is when Twitter crashed. I think I’ve heard every single Ziff fan all over Canada squee in delight when THE KISS finally happened. We all saw it coming, but I bet no one took it for granted.

Tune in for the next portion of awesomeness next Monday at 9PM on Global! I trust Remedy to turn us all into emotional wreck all over again.


~ “Scare Bears” made me think of “Care Bears”.

~ Natasha is surprisingly adorable. I didn’t expect to like her character so much, or her to have such a prominent arc in a matter of just one episode. I didn’t know what to expect from her, seeing as how we only had a couple of glimpses of her in the past, but right now I want her to stay. As long as she’s not messing with Griff/Zoe.

~ Seeing as how with stayed primarily at Beth-H in the first 5 episodes (aside from the golf course), I was sure that Remedy would be a one-location show. Glad it isn’t! Did I mention that I LOVED Mel’s apartment? It was cozy and nice, and Jerry needs to come back!

~ We all agree that Enrico Colantoni did an incredible job directing the episode and being the most awkward dad. It’s amazing that despite everything, you can’t help loving him because he is great. Who doesn’t screw up now and then? Except… except Melissa wasn’t playing that game because she wanted to be a doctor. Hope they’ll fix their stuff.

~ IS SARA CANNING AMAZING OR WHAT?! Every single one of Mel’s scenes destroyed me a little, in a very good way. Can we please focus on how incredibly talented she is? I swear I could feel the whole range of Melissa’s emotions throughout “Scary Bears”. When I was able to actually breathe, that is. That moment when she started crying in the alley? Wonderful performance that broke my heart to pieces! I want to sing an ode to the talent of this woman and her ability to rock sweat shorts. But I can’t sing, so I probably shouldn’t.

*Who else wanted to see the end of the girl fight between Mel and Cindi with an ‘i’?

~ Shout out to split screens that finally put an end to the dizzying crosscutting and intercutting. I will never not be amazed by the visual editing of this show. And Toronto city views.

~ People need to stop trying to talk Griffin into going back to med school and just sign him up for some classes already. And send Bruno with him.

~ What are you doing to me, Matt Ward? It’s amazing how Brian grew in just one episode. You know what did it? Napkin balls! Maaaaan! And can we please pair him up with Bruno for some quality team work? That scene with the basement door and who should going first was priceless!

~ I was just wondering where Rebecca was seeing as how it’s been forever since we’ve heart from or of her but after watching the promo for the next week’s episode I’m not sure if I’m curious or worried.

~ It’s a shame Sandy stayed on the sidelines this time. I was just getting used to her being active and in the center of the Beth-H life.

~ Hey, can we get Josey back now? It’s been too long.


“You kissed a girl with active TB!” – Allen

“Mel isn’t perfect. She isn’t even a natural surgeon.”- Allen

“Relax. You couldn’t afford what I drink.” – Melissa

“Whether or not Natasha is my girlfriend, or whatever, I’m pretty sure you’re not.” – Griffin

“That ‘I know what you’re doing more than you do’ look.” – Brian

“I can’t give everybody in the ER a hug, I’m not that kind of doctor.” – Brian

“Please! I strip off my clothes – I’m a stripper. Why lie to yourself?” – Natasha

“Hey, ‘Hang in the strip club with dad” wasn’t exactly on my bucket list either.”

“I’m saying you’re top slight surgeon who has no life.” – Jerry

“This is Dr. Conner, Dr. Conner’s daughter… Wow, yeah, I haven’t heard that one before!” – Melissa

“Back off, buddy, I’m a doctor!” – Melissa

“I knew we were broken up when I came here, I just wanted to hear him say it. Is that stupid?” – Natasha

“I’m Griffin Conner. I used to date a stripper but we just broke up.” – Griffin

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