Remedy: “The Beast Within”, With Teeth


by Nadin P.

“The Beast Within” was brought to you by “I knew it!!! … I mean, didn’t know it, but I KNEW IT!” because no other episode had as much revelations and resolved issues and ‘what the hell just happened?’ moments, which made it so over-the-top awesome! I say it every week though, but come on! Wasn’t it THE best episode so far?

So… are you ready?

Well, first things first – Lonnie is back! Finally!! I missed her smartass one-liners and a death grip on life. And Zoe.

Lonnie: How do you forget an HIV test?
Everyone in the audience: HOW DO YOU FORGET AN HIV TEST?!

Wait, what? Has it been 3 months already? It felt like just a week, which would explain why Zoe didn’t notice the time fly either.

Meanwhile, right outside of Beth-H, Bruno – yay, Bruno is back, too! – is dealing with a young woman named Gwen who is suffering from a severe headache. And a douche of a cab driver. Apparently, it’s a package deal.

Cut to—

Sandy and Brian talking family traumas and wedding guests. Yes, weddings are, indeed, expensive. Wait till they get the bill for all the crockery broken by the drunk guests! Which is probably the least of Sandy’s worries right now, seeing as how her maid of honor seems to be too pissed to, you know, acknowledge the wedding in the first place. I almost feel bad for Brian – it’s hardly fun to be caught in the middle of the Conner family drama. It’s fun to watch him struggle though.

Speaking of drama— Remember that time last week when Griffin ‘sold his soul’ to help Zoe with Carl? Well, there apparently was some kind of small font in that contract with the Devil… ahem, Allen. I totally see Allen’s point here when he says that this is exactly why Griffin shouldn’t be talking about trust. Come on, Griff, we know you’re better than that!

In the meantime, Zoe and Lonnie are in the ER, watching the man – Jacob – die despite the efforts of the team. After he had a glass fall on him. On the street. (Just let this sink in. Who wants to move to live in the woods?) Kudos to the set design and props team for making the ER look very realistic and seriously scary. I think I’ll cross being a Patient Service Aide off of my dream career list.

Anything medicine related, come to think of it. Because watching Brian breaking the news to Christopher, Jacob’s husband, is the saddest thing ever, what with Christopher trying to rationalize with it, blaming Brian and everyone involved for not being able to save Jacob.

Which is too almost much and too heavy, even for Remedy – but then we cut to Griffin asking Zoe on a sanity date, whatever that means. Wait, did she just say no? Sorry, I need to go and reassess my life because, whatever the context, he just asked her out, making it a massive ‘cuteness overload’ moment… No? I mean, any other person would agree in a heartbeat! Wait, jail in Thailand?–

Ahem, on to the less cute stuff…

It’s not that I don’t like Kanaskie – I just don’t get what his game is. First Sandy, now Griffin – going after them makes him look either stupid, or suicidal, and I don’t peg him for stupid, so – suicidal? Not to mention dragging Bruno into his shenanigans and making him spy on Griff – well, that’s going to backfire, probably badly.  My ongoing theory is that he’s aiming for Allen’s position, if that’s even possible. Otherwise he makes no sense.

Then again, who cares about all that WHEN A CRAZY LADY KICKS SANDY IN THE STOMACH!! My sincere apologies to my neighbors for all the screaming, but what the actual hell, Gwen?! Are you nuts? Oh, wait, they are at the hospital. Never mind. Seriously though, Sandy, you’re not okay! You’re a nurse, for crying out loud – you should know better than that! The funny part about that scene – minus the kicking thing – is Sandy freaking out because Melissa is pissed about not being informed first about her sister’s pregnancy. I love how the Conners prioritize things!

Meanwhile, Zoe returns Jacob’s personal belongings to Christopher. And apparently, the wedding ring is missing. I’m not at all surprised when Zoe chooses to go search for the ring instead of, you know, taking her HIV test. Going back into that ER room is definitely a lot less scary. Right there with her! Until Lonnie calls her out on it.  And Lonnie is scary when she’s furious. I wouldn’t be surprised if she physically dragged Zoe to the lab. Not that I blame Zoe for not wanting to know… That’s what they call conflicted feelings, I guess.

So, the hospital is all about the relationships. And casino charity. And golf. To be honest, I absolutely can’t help loving Allen for hating this part, although for someone who hates golf, he’s surprisingly good at it! Wait, did they just use his mobile clinic to trick him into agreeing for the experimental drug use? That was low.

Which, I guess, is not that important right now when Gwen is having a seizure and goes into a coma. Who else is not going to dismiss a headache ever again? And let’s to applaud to Dr. Tuttle for calling Brian on his incorrect diagnosis and not following the protocol. She can be a pain in all the most uncomfortable places, but she can be quite badass as well. I love her for doing the exact same thing to Brian that Brian did to Griff a few minutes ago – the whole asking the questions when you know the answer already. I bet it doesn’t feel nice, does it, Brian?

So, is Zoe afraid of dead people? She looks weirdly uncomfortable at the morgue for someone working at the hospital. Who can blame her, but still! Or maybe it’s just too cold there. Or maybe the dubstep guy gives her creeps. Or all of the above. Did you know that the hospital morgues have Lost and Found? Learning new stuff every day!

Upstairs, Dr. Tuttle and Sandy run more tests on Gwen, and wait a second? Is that a notebook? Why is Bruno taking notes? I knew there was more to him than meets the eye! It’s a bit scary that he knows more than half of the doctors are Beth-H. But seriously, what’s with the notes?

We don’t get to wonder about that for too long though because Sandy shows up, in pain, and asks Griffin to find Mel because SOMEONE KICKED HER IN THE STOMACH, LIKE, AN HOUR AGO! What was she even thinking not taking care of that earlier? I’d be mad if I wasn’t so worried. Thank God Melissa shows up and fixes everything. Sort of. It’s cute how she’s pissed at the ultrasound machine for not working right away, which probably means she’s scared for Sandy and the baby as well. I’m still concerned about the little “adorable eraser” but who wouldn’t be happy to see their issues pack up and leave? Now they can move on to planning the wedding and the parties and the dresses, as soon as people stop being sick, but that’s minor details, right?

I’d dwell on it longer, but there no time, because OMG LONNIE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT ZOE IS GOING THROUGH! HIV positive, for 6 years! I wasn’t the only one who fell off the couch when she said that, was I? Who knew that “jaw-dropping” wasn’t just a figure of speech. Well, that explains a lot. Also, it makes Lonnie even cooler than she was before. So far, the friendship between her and Zoe is one of my favorite things on Remedy. Speak of family that isn’t tied by blood, right?

And once again, Remedy doesn’t give us time to fully process any of this because Bruno drops the bomb when Dr. Tuttle can’t come up with a conclusive diagnosis for Gwen – he suggests it’s teraroma, a kind of tumor that affects Gwen’s brain. He knows that because – drum roll! – he is actually a surgeon, or at least he was. I KNEW THAT HE WAS COOL! I mean, he was one of the best things on Remedy from the start, and this particular reveal is just wow! He needs to be promoted to the status of a proper doctor. And a superhero. He totally deserves a cape. Now, the important question is – who else regretted eating their dinner when they showed the removal of said tumor? Boy, it was disgusting! And the teeth…Ugh!

But what does it matter when we see Wendy and Allen making out? What took them so long to get there is beyond me, frankly. I wonder if that means they’re going to start using a bunch of experimental drugs at Beth-H now? Hm….

Which is probably not as important right now as finding out that Zoe doesn’t have HIV!

If Remedy keeps up the amazing work, I’m going to need therapy by the end of Season 1. In the form of Season 2!



~ It actually makes sense that it’s been 3 months already because if everything we’ve seen in the first 4 episodes happened in a week or two, they’d all end up in a psych ward.

~ Hey, where’s Jerry the anesthesiologist? I hope he isn’t gone for good.

~ Isn’t it exciting to know what a ‘resting bitch face’ looks like?

~ It was amazing to see Lonnie being a great character and a fantastic friend to Zoe this week. We definitely need more of her in the future episodes. Shout-out to Stephanie Belding!

~ Is it just me, or Wendy and Allen already looked like an item in the previous episode?

~ Loved the parallel between Bruno’s and Griffin’s storylines and how one pushes away what the other desperately wasn’t to have. It was Zoe in the previous episode who called Griff  ‘a rich kid with issues’, and now Bruno, and together they’ll push him all the way right back into med school. Hope Griffin takes Bruno with him.

~ The sisterly moments between Melissa and Sandy are my favorite, hands down. They can be unhappy about something or the other, but when it comes to being there for each other, trust them to do it right! Also, it was nice that the writers stepped away from that old cliche of calling the baby ‘a pea’ or ‘a peanut’. It does look a bit like an eraser. And by ‘a bit’ I mean ‘a lot’.

~ I still can’t believe Zoe didn’t say yes to Griffin’s offer to hang out. I’m not going to get over it until she does. I do, however, understand where she was coming from when she said she didn’t want to know the test results. Sometimes not knowing is better.

~ Where was Josey?! She better be back next week, red nose and all that. Brian is not entirely fixed yet. I can’t believe he heard about an incident with Sandy and didn’t go to check on her.

~ I think Dr. Tuttle deserves a standing ovation for listening to Bruno and saving Gwen’s life. Imagine if she had the same issues with the porters as she has with Allen Conner’s kids.

~ Speaking of Allen, wasn’t that no-talking lunch with Wendy the most awkward thing? Ouch! Also, it’s scary to think that these are the games that rule the medical world.

~ I’m curious about Griffin and Brian’s issues. They seem to be friendly enough but that’s about it. There’s more to that, I’m sure. So….



“No, don’t squeeze, that’ll make it worse!” – Brian

“That’s your pissed face.” – Sandy
“This is not my pissed face. This is my resting bitch face. I can’t help this face.” – Melissa

“Don’t you have any friends?” – Zoe
“They’re actually—They’re all in Thailand, o jail, or in jail in Thailand. Or they’re all doctors.” – Griffin

“Typically, it’s a good idea to get a psych consult before the patient falls unconscious. Or did you not take Psych in med school. ” – Dr. Tuttle

“Dead people bling. Go nuts!” – The ‘dubstep’ guy

“Nurses always make the worst patients.” – Melissa

“Your eraser is adorable.” – Melissa

“I’m just a porter. I don’t know nothing.” – Bruno

“He’s a walking plant.” – Lonnie

A coffee junkie and a passionate traveler, Nadin is in love with all things writing – because who wants to live in the real world, anyway? TV or films – everything needs to be fast paced and dramatic. Scary? Even better! A vampire at heart, she can always be found in her cave, glued to her laptop. As a dedicated yogi and someone who can easily hike all the way to Alaska, Nadin thinks she’s the unhealthiest healthy person ever – because pizza, duh? She strongly believes that live needs to be lived, so… walk away from whatever makes you sad and make things happen!

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