Remedy: Life Is About Shifts And Changes

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by Nadin P.

My most favorite thing about Remedy, in general, is that there are layers and shades to everything happening on this show. Nothing is ever black or white, right or wrong. You have to occasionally step into the characters’ shoes to understand them better but when you do, you find yourself not being able to really judge.

And the new episode is yet another proof of it. And how cool is that?!

“Shift/Change” opens with the visit to the pediatric ICU where Sandy tends to the newborns, and we all know that the things are bound to get intense when the sick babies are involved, especially when the scary medical machines start making weird noises they shouldn’t be making under normal circumstances. And let’s face it – there is nothing scarier than watching small helpless creatures die when you’re unable to do anything about it.

You crying yet?

Buckle up, folks!

Meanwhile, somewhere across town, Allen and Melissa, being a true father-daughter unit, volunteer at the mobile clinic, which turns out being Allen’s ‘baby’, so to speak. We meet Henry, a nice elderly gentleman and an old friend of the Conners, by the looks of it, who sheds some light on the whole ‘being a doctor’ family business that apparently goes all the way back to grandpa and grandma Conner. Well, that explains a lot! For the record, I think I had a mini heart attack myself when I thought that Henry was going to die on Melissa. That mental image of girls in bikinis must have been too much after all.

At the Bethune Hospital, Dr. Tuttle is back! And she’s showing signs of humanity and professionalism – yay! Bad thing sick newborns are involved. They needed to have a special warning about extra tissues required for this episode. Not even 5 minutes in, and the emotional drama is already going through the roof – speak of being scared of watching the rest of it.

As far as the rules of storytelling go, if you want to show that no one – NO ONE – is safe, kill a child or an animal at the very beginning, and the audience will not feel safe until the end. Congratulations, Remedy, you’re doing it right!

On the other hand, they have a clown! I hope I speak for everyone right now when I say – yay, Josey is back! Ann Pirvu is just too adorable for words in this wig and with red clown nose. Shame Brian doesn’t feel the same way, but he gets the points for taking the clown nose Josey offers him – for emergencies. I’d probably slap him if he didn’t.

Meanwhile, Allen has no other choice but to send Sandy away from the sick babies, given her condition, and shut down the pediatric ICU. At this point I just hope the show will stop killing the babies.

Melissa brings Henry to the hospital and hands him over to Brian. We can probably all relate to her frustration – it hardly looks like a dream day off, but hey, she’s doing the right thing. Also, it’s some impressive dedication to begin with – if I ended up at work on my day off, it probably wouldn’t be safe for anyone around. Impressive and admirable.

Back on the track, though—feel like I owe a special kind of thanks to the Remedy writers for revealing the details of Zoe’s past in the most interesting way imaginable. Not only do we get to hear a part of the story from Zoe herself – storage room time with Griffin, anyone? – but we also meet her foster mom Pearl and brother Carl and get to experience ups and down of the emotional roller-coaster caused by this surprise reunion of sorts.

Did I mention storage room time with Griffin? And how cute was he being all awkward and uncomfortable with her crying?

Okay, who else cracked up when Melissa nearly told Brian about Sandy? Anyone? I desperately need to know I wasn’t alone there. The two of them make a funny team, what with putting professionalism above all else.

* Side note – are hospitals even allowed to have galas in them? I’d assume it’s not safe on way too many levels, for patients and visitors alike, but what do I know?

Also, that time when I said that Tuttle was turning into a human being? False alarm, guys, sorry. Can’t believe she told Frank that Allen pulled Sandy out of the quarantine zone because she was his daughter. Can’t believe Frank almost started a riot because of that. But I couldn’t have loved Allen more than when he calmly told Frank to talk directly to him the next time he has questions about his decisions instead of, you know, firing him.

An absolute highlight of the entire episode was perhaps the scene in the daycare with Brian being both the most uncomfortable person around kinds and the one saving the day with the help of the red clown nose. You couldn’t not hear angels sing when that happened!

My favorite scene, however, was the one between Henry and Melissa when she broke some “good news and bad news” to him(hey, who sad diabetes was necessarily a bad thing, huh?), and once again he told her how much she reminded him of her grandmother who was “a piece of work” but who never failed to have things done. All things considered, I bet it meant a lot to Melissa.

This whole episode was like an intricate dance and people trying not to stop on each other’s toes, dance wise, and failing to do so one way or another, what with Melissa nearly breaking the baby news to Brian, with Brian trying to be a sensitive human being with his patients, with Allen having to juggle a spreading infection and the casino gala with the potential investors, and Griffin “selling his soul” to help Zoe.

Have you ever been obsession with the TV show where you’re, like, Team Everyone? Because I still desperately try to sort out my allegiances but it seems like a lost cause so far.

I absolutely adore Bruno for being the sweetest guy and always being there for anyone when they need help. One can’t possibly not like Sandy for her compassion and Allen for literary jumping over his head to do the right thing when it comes to both the hospital and his family.  Griffin has that vibe of a lost puppy that you just want to hug while making sure he doesn’t chew your favorite shoe. And Zoe stole my heart when she refused to out Sandy with the whole infected needle situation. Melissa is my absolute favorite because I can relate to her the most – her reactions are my reactions and her words are what I’d say in the situations she’s dealing with. I may not always agree but I understand her the most. Except for the surgical thing – I’d never be able to cut a living being without needing months of therapy afterwards. Josey is like a sunshine – hope we’ll keep her forever. And yes, I’m warming up to Brian, too. Gradually.

Aaaaand… Team Ziff anyone? That final scene between Zoe and Griffin, and the hug… *sigh* Sweetest thing ever.



~ I loved how the week’s episode addressed a much debated issue of vaccination that my FB and twitter feeds have been drowning in lately. Jokes aside, it’s something people need to look at seriously and do the right thing before it’s too late and before someone got hurt.

~ Just because I’m warming up to Brian doesn’t mean I don’t think Sandy couldn’t do better. Much better. Which kind of means that Matt Ward deserves a standing ovation for pulling off this role so brilliantly.

~ Tuttle’s shenanigans are going to bite her in the ass, pardon my French.

~ Note to self – Google the emergency codes. Code pink in the beginning totally threw me off.

~ Personal – my name is uncommon enough to not be particularly popular on TV, so it always weirds me out when I hear it on screen. Anyone else feels that way?

~ That thing about killing the babies and the animals to show that the TV show is not safe for anyone? Apparently, it also works with the mothers of the kids with Down syndrome. I still can’t believe Pearl died!

~ Seriously, where’s Lonnie? I miss her smartass one-liners!

~ What Griffin did for Zoe is beyond anything I can comprehend at the moment – he knows he’s falling for her, right? In other news, I’d love to see him go back to school. Wouldn’t that be fascinating to watch?

~ It’s interesting how everything happening in “Shift/Change” was about family – Conners addressing their issues one way or the other, Zoe and Pearl and Carl reuniting after years of not seeing each other, Sam being the patient zero because of his kid, Bob Miller freaking out about his wife and baby daughter. Even though the medical aspect of the show is presumably what Remedy is focused on, most of time it almost steps back, giving way to the emotional drama that actually drives the storylines.


“I’m allergic to doctors.” – Henry
“I’ll try not to take it personally” – Allen

“I’m the other Doctor Conner, the tough one.” – Melissa and Henry

“That’s your advice?” – Zoe
“Yeah… I wouldn’t take it if I were you.” – Griffin

“Try not to breathe too much out there.” – Frank

“You, a woman whose average relationship lasts less than 48 hours. What advice could you possibly have to give me?” – Sandy

“Rich kid with a doctor father, tell me about my issues.” – Zoe

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” – Sandy

“Us runaways gotta stick together.” – Griffin

On that note – stay tuned and come back for more next Monday at 9PM!

A coffee junkie and a passionate traveler, Nadin is in love with all things writing – because who wants to live in the real world, anyway? TV or films – everything needs to be fast paced and dramatic. Scary? Even better! A vampire at heart, she can always be found in her cave, glued to her laptop. As a dedicated yogi and someone who can easily hike all the way to Alaska, Nadin thinks she’s the unhealthiest healthy person ever – because pizza, duh? She strongly believes that live needs to be lived, so… walk away from whatever makes you sad and make things happen!

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