Hannibal Season 2: Blood, Gore and Flower Crowns


First off, there are no words to describe how much love I have for the people who work on Hannibal. Not only are they very receptive to their fandom, they seem to know exactly what their audiences wants, and they give it to us tenfold. We want the horror, we want the gore, we want to see more of the terrifying relationship Hannibal and Will share. And we want Mads Mikkelsen in a flower crown. We want all of them in flower crowns.

I mean, just look at this highly adorable asshole here.

What started out as a dramatic procedural hidden carefully with horror/fantasy elements has now become the batshit masterpiece of highly disturbed individuals. It is truly baffling how royally fucked up this show is now, yet my eyes are still glued to the screen, and I still go ‘aww’ whenever I see sweet little Will Graham eating meatloaf with a plastic cutlery.

In the new season of Hannibal, our adorable hipster/crazy person/FBI special investigator Will Graham is now behind bars at the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. He knows that Hannibal is responsible for his incarceration and all those deaths that he is now being crucified for. However, the scarily manipulative Hannibal still roams freely, eating people and – get this – missing his good friend Will that he totally just boned over.

On the other side of things, Jack Crawford is now being investigated by the FBI for his involvement in Will’s little ‘indiscretion’. Cynthia Nixon (I LOVE YOU) plays a recurring role as Jack’s senior who is in charge of the case. Dr. Alana Bloom has filed a report against Jack Crawford, knowing that this might be a major asset to Will’s defense.

Emotions are mixed from all sides. Jack feels guilt for indicting Will, yet like Alana, they are unable to know for sure that it is he who committed those murders. Hannibal’s sense of self-preservation is too high to ever slip up, yet his fascination with Will’s condition constantly brings him to the edge. It’s like he’s playing Russian Roulette with his own life, just so he can get closer to Will (OH THE FEELS). My head spins from all this emotional depth, yet I love it.

On the procedural side of things, the team discovers a slew of nastily embalmed bodies caught in a beaver dam. We soon come to realize that these bodies have been used in a freaky circular colour palette – the work of a true mad man. Man, they really stepped up their horror game since the last season, huh? Though it does become less scary when you know what’s really going on behind the scenes.


The ratings for season 2 have been softer than the first. However, I believe that is WRONG, because this season is absolutely delightful from what I’ve seen so far. I can only hope that the network will listen to the people that truly matter – mainly us Fannibals – and keep this show going for as long as humanly possible.

So are we just sadists? Why is it that I reel with an unbridled glee when I see corpses strung up like some sort of morbid arts and craft project? Seeing a monstrous Hannibal with velvety black antlers sprouting angrily from his head always draws a gasp from me, yet I look forward to his appearances.

I think writing this post has helped me come to terms that I am indeed a very disturbed person and I might need therapy at some point. But hell, I’m enjoying the crap out of this show right now.

Also, this. 10000% this.

One day she hopes to reach a new state of being which requires no sustenance other than alcohol and pure, unadulterated rage. Imagine the shit she’ll write then, huh?

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