Remedy: Will Never Stop Testing You


by Nadin P.

You think the first two episodes of Remedy were crazy? Well, buckle up for this one!

Remember that time in the first episode when Griffin was charged with aggravated assault? Well, weirdly enough, it didn’t go away just because he’s hot! “Testing, Testing” starts with Allen pacing impatiently on the sidewalk by the Court House, dialing Griff’s number over and over again. I’m a bit disappointed Griffin’s voice mail message is not something funky.

Meanwhile, Brian is having a rough morning. Not only are his patients demand attention (I KNOW, RIGHT?!) but he also gets to see someone’s breakfast on his shoes. Yikes!… Wait, is that a clown?

Griffin shows up at the Court House when it’s almost too late – speak of walking on tightrope, huh? – looking like he had one hell of a night. I want to believe it was at least fun and didn’t involve anyone being killed. Allen and Rebecca are not happy about it, but hey, better late than never, right? Life hack – don’t talk about drugs near the Court House!

Don’t text and drive, people! Unless you want to end up with an iron rod sticking out of your gut. Well, for Halloween maybe? Anyway, don’t text and drive! I bet Melissa agrees with me on this one.

I am yet to understand what made Brian become the doctor in the first place, but I’m kind of with him right now – come on, let the doctor do his job!

I hope I’m not the only one utterly enjoying the Allen/Rebecca scenes. Whatever happened to their marriage, they have so much chemistry now it’s insane. Also, who do I need to kill to have a glimpse of one of Griffin’s parent-teacher conferences? And why am I not surprised that Rebecca wrote Allen’s speech? The father-son moment that followed is lovely though, it terms of thick tension and foreboding.

It’s safe to say that one of my favorite things about this episode what the fact that it was heavily Sandy-centered. She’s such a nice human being! And you know what? They can go on about her being “just a nurse” all they want, but she’s making a difference, and that’s what counts. Dr. Tuttle, on the other hand… If you actually run into someone like her in the real hospital – run! Catherine Disher is killing this role, guys. She’s undoubtedly just as brilliant as Dr. Tuttle is unpleasant.

Speaking of unpleasant, I think Robert needs to look up ‘random’ and ‘anonymous’ in the dictionary. I’m feeling Allen’s concern here. We all know that Griffin is a good guy, but “Reliable” is definitely not his middle name. Sadly. And seriously, I don’t know my own SIN, was he supposed to know his son’s?

Random thought – if this guy with an iron rod in his gut loves texting all the time, I hope he had a chance to Instagram a selfie of himself with, you know, an iron rod in his gut. It’s hardly something you get to experience twice.

Cut to—

Brian and Sandy are planning a romantic night. Cute isn’t it? If only the patients stopped interrupting them. Ugh! And again, I’m torn.  Brian is being a jerk, big time. People person or not, he’s got to understand that people are worried about their loved ones. Yet, few things are as annoying as people consulting WebMD. Speaking from personal experience. At the same time, yes, I’m pretty sure Sandy agrees that he’s got issue with patient interaction.  We all do!

Of course Griff is not a fan of drug tests! Who is? It’s refreshing to see that he isn’t getting any special treatment from his supervisor just because he’s the Chief’s son… Do I sound bad saying that?

Aaaaand we meet the Colonel! He’s fun, and he likes throwing stuff at people. And he knows that Zoe has a thing for Griff. That’s why I like him! Not that Zoe cares if Griffin gets fired of anything… We’re all swooning over Zoe and Griffin at this point, right? Just checking!

Brian, Brian… It’s one thing to be annoyed with your patients who might be thinking they are dying and stuff (sarcasm!), and it’s a whole new level of douchery when you openly insult and mock them. What the hell is wrong with you?! That punch was so deserved!

Wait, is that a clown?!

Poor Fiona – it’s not good when your fiancé and your doctor are too busy fist fighting to notice that you’re in trouble.

Cut to—

Dr. Tuttle! Listen, lady! You don’t just go and turn off the life support like that! I mean, seriously? Sandy is having a bad day all over. And speaking of Dr. Tuttle – she’s the reason I’m so paranoid about hospitals.

How do you politely ask for the heads up in case your son shows up at work stoned? Asking for Dr. Conner. Allen’s conversation with Frank was priceless, what with Frank going from pissed off about having to deal with the fact that one of his porters was charged with aggravated assault to kind of remembering that Allen is the Chief of Staff. I wish we’d have more of it but—

Allen gets a phone call from Sandy who is actively researching Fiona’s symptoms, trying to figure out what’s wrong with her after Derek gives her the meds Fiona takes to help her deal with stage fright. Oh, Dr. Tuttle is not gonna like this!

The Allen/Griffin/Colonel conversation is made of gold. And once again, I’m torn! I agree with Griff about the whole invasion of privacy thing but I’m also right there with Allen – you can’t just ask if you don’t trust people to tell you the truth. Although, to be completely honest, wouldn’t it be awesome if more industries adopted this practice of random drug test? Imagine all the disasters we’d avoid!

Anyway, moving on!

Dr. Tuttle is so, so, so not happy! And honestly, what can possibly be worse than an ignorant physician? Kudos to Sandy for at least trying to fix it all! Can we please promote her to the status of a doctor now?

Finally, we get to meet Josey the Clown! Brian follows Sandy’s advice after all and signs up for one of her sessions. Don’t you just love seeing him being all awkward and uncomfortable? I know I do! Why hadn’t we seen the lovely Ann Pirvu earlier is just beyond my comprehension. She lights up the screen, no? Also, good to see that Brian is not a lost cause entirely. He’s at least trying, sort of—

Meanwhile, the Colonel is having one of those moments when he thinks everyone’s a thief. Remember how he likes throwing stuff at people? Well, that beer can in the face probably hurt! Poor Griffin!

Thank god his sister is a nurse. The Sandy/Griff scene is absolutely lovely and heartbreaking. You can just feel how desperately he wants to stop being the black sheep and have people trust him again. It warms my heart to see how close they are. Except he was gone for two years! Wow, I’m starting to see where Melissa’s issues come from.

I hope I’m speaking for at least some you, guys, but the scene of Brian tasting his own medicine, almost literary, was THE best. Ever. God, I love being able to weave some doctor jokes in here and not feel stupid about it. The scene between Josey and Brian was ah-mazing! Shame Brian didn’t seem to learn much. But – man, Matt Ward was absolutely brilliant. Don’t know about you, but I totally believed that he was Jim the stock broker with chest pains.

On that note, I have a long list of people I need to sign up for this therapy.

In other news, Dr. Tuttle obviously doesn’t get sued enough for negligence and misdiagnosing. We all know that Sandy is JUST A NURSE – they really need to stop talking that way about their personnel – but it’s not an excuse to start killing people… No?

Good thing Melissa is there to save the day! I don’t even care at this point if Sandy is going to get in trouble – I mean I do, but I’m just happy that she’s standing up to the evil Dr. Tuttle. It is also slightly frightening that family dinner games can teach you more than the med school. (Was it Scrabbles nights that helped me get my English Major degree? I need to tell that to my student loan.)

Okay, who didn’t fall of the couch when Griff wandered into the hospital with a six pack of beer? We all needed to see this scene before the next one ripped our hearts out. I think I stopped breathing for the whole length of the Griffin/Colonel conversation. Jerk as he could be sometimes, the Colonel was a lonely, lonely man, and if it wasn’t for Griffin, he’d never have the weight of missing his son who’s been killed in a car accident lifted off his chest. This was more than anyone ever did for the Colonel in God knows how long, and you know what? It counts. It counts more than anything.

Needless to say, Dr. Tuttle flipped about the whole “Sandy trying to save her patients” thing. I honestly expected to see the feathers start flying. Duck feathers, that is. Hope we didn’t see the last of Catherine Disher!

What was slightly disappointing was that Allen didn’t start his conversation with Griffin with, “Son, you’re pregnant.” I’ve been waiting for the moment like this ever since Junior. Remember the one with Danny DeVito? Yet I’m too happy for Sandy to really complain about it. But then Brian happens and ruins everything… One punch a day is not enough, apparently. Because, REALLY?! What the hell is wrong with him?

It’s only fair that Griffin got one of the Colonel’s medals. Because we all needed another cryfest at the end of the episode. Dillon Casey wins all the awards. Am I right or am I right?

Tune in for another emotional rollercoaster next Monday!

"Remedy" Ep 103 day 5 Photo: Jan Thijs 2013


~ It’s scary that people like Dr. Tuttle have actual power in the majority of hospitals around the world. It’s reassuring that nurses like Sandy Conner are trying to make everything right.

~ One just can’t help loving the family parallels Remedy uses to make the Conners understand how much they care about each other. Melissa and an athlete and her sister last week, and now Griffin and the Colonel. Did I mention how brilliant the writing on this show is?

~ Okay, question – what if you’re scared of clowns? … I do hope they’ll keep Josey, though. I’m working on my issues, promise.

~ Where was Lonnie this week? And Bruno? Missed them 🙁

~ We need more Rebecca, like – a lot more!

~ I knew that it was the stripper girlfriend that got Griffin in whatever trouble he’s been in on the night before the hearing.

~ Derek – aka Ari Cohen – was a guest star on Haven! I knew I saw him somewhere! Nothing warms my heart more than Haven flashbacks. Can’t help it!

~ I’m not entirely sure that it is ethically appropriate for the doctors to go all “Quack, quack, quack,” at their staff. All things considered, Sandy could probably file some kind of complaint about that.

~ Where was Melissa?!

~ Right now I’m quite curious about how is Sandy going to deal with the whole pregnancy thing and whether or not Brian will be happy about it.

~ Can we PLEASE have more of Zoe and Griff?

~ I’ll never get tired of the Remedy soundtrack. Kudos and shout-out to the sound design and composers.


“Sure, on the run way to Brazil.” –Melissa

“Ironically, they were on the way to the hospital when they gentleman hit them.” – Nurse

“Well, that went better than most of Griffin’s parent-teacher conferences.” – Rebecca

“I’d punch you too if you called my fiancé funny looking.” – Sandy

“What kind of morale is that when the staff is high?” – Allen

“If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a suck, odds are, it isn’t an ostrich!” – Dr. Tuttle

“Don’t ‘dude’ me!” – the Colonel

“God, I’m not like that, right?… Don’t answer all at once!”  – Melissa

A coffee junkie and a passionate traveler, Nadin is in love with all things writing – because who wants to live in the real world, anyway? TV or films – everything needs to be fast paced and dramatic. Scary? Even better! A vampire at heart, she can always be found in her cave, glued to her laptop. As a dedicated yogi and someone who can easily hike all the way to Alaska, Nadin thinks she’s the unhealthiest healthy person ever – because pizza, duh? She strongly believes that live needs to be lived, so… walk away from whatever makes you sad and make things happen!

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