Remedy: A “Homecoming” You’ll Never Forget


by Nadin P.

Last week on Remedy… Griffin Conner got in some serious trouble and was cornered into working at the Hospital with almost the rest of his family.

This week on Remedy… the road to hell is paved with good intentions, ladies and gents.

"Remedy" Ep 102 Day 06 Photo: Jan Thijs 2013

Things that Remedy taught me in the first 2 minutes of “Homecoming”:

  1. Don’t stop for coffee on your way to work.
  2. Don’t talk on the phone in public places.
  3. Run if someone asks to use your phone.

I bet these are the exact same thoughts spinning in Sandy’s head when she meets Cynthia, a slightly paranoid but seemingly harmless woman who, for some reason, is sure that the cook at the café is having a heart attack. He isn’t, but in the heat of confrontation Cynthia hurts herself and Sandy doesn’t have a choice but to take her to the hospital.

Meanwhile at the Bethune General Hospital, Melissa meets an interesting guy – Dr. Gordon, a Cancer, horoscope-wise, and an anesthesiologist. Who would have thought what meeting people while performing some intricate surgery was a thing?

In the meantime, Griffin shows up for his first shift and finds a half conscious athlete Jordan Passmore sitting on the sidewalk and helps her get to the ER, handing her over to Brian for medical help. Yeah, the first day at work sucks, as a rule. It’s always messed up, regardless of how well you know the kitchen… Or the hospital, in this particular case.

Speaking of which, am I the only one who totally cracked up when told Allen that it’s the hospital, not a family business? Good one! On a serious note, I’m beyond happy to see Allen trusting Griffin not to screw up… much. It really is endearing! It is also a nice foreboding for future drama – and admit it, guys, we all see it coming sooner or later.

Griffin is paired up with Bruno for the day to “learn the ropes” – and we all know it’s gonna be awesome, because BRUNO!! I really hope they’ll keep him. Also, have you picked up the “rich kid playing doctor” (not in a creepy way) vibe in the room? Pretty sure it’s what everyone calls this whole situation behind Griff’s back.  I know I would… then again, I’m generally not a nice person. But still!

And now what we’re on “not nice”, I bet Sandy regrets getting out of bed at all by now. She brings Cynthia to the hospital to have her hand checked, and hey, since “You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed,” Sandy’s stuck with her. Cynthia is clearly unstable, paranoid and a little bit manic. We know this is gonna end well… not.

Griffin and Bruno start their shift… and run into Melissa – who is really, really pissed! I hope we’ll get to know where her trust issues come from because this is definitely not a welcome basket you’d expect from the sister. Awkward….

Somewhere on the other floor, Brian is not happy about Sandy’s interaction with Zoe, however brief it is. Which actually makes me like him even less than I already do. Not that I like him at all, but come on! Sandy’s trying to do the nice thing, and if I were the one ‘probably-maybe’ infected with God knows what, I wouldn’t be even half as nice with the person responsible for it as Zoe. I do get his reasons – he’s looking out for someone he cares about – and yet, he’s making it in the worst possible way … which kind of makes me not want to see him, ever.

Cut to– [Insert swooning over the picture of the little Griffin and Sandy here] So adorable! It also makes sense that they have a secret hiding place at the hospital where they practically grew up. Which doesn’t change the fact that I watched to smack the damned pills out of Griffin’s hand *not impressed* Seriously, man?

I think it’s also worth mentioning that this episode is brought to you by the art of tossing the pill bottle in the air and/or staring pensively at it as though it contains the answers to all questions in the world.  Then again, depends on the questions, I guess.


Melissa is not having the best of days either. The sibling reunion blows, big time – not that we didn’t see it coming. After running into Sandy and Griffin in the corridor and a rather heated exchanged of pleasantries, she reacts in the only logical way – she goes to get a hot dog. And who could blame her? Hope they have good ones over there, not the hospital food kind, which would suck. Of course Dr. Gordon – Jerry – is right there to continue there not quite flirt, and we get to see full spectrum of Melissa’s badass personality.

It’s obvious that she loves being in control, and whenever she isn’t, she feels like a fish thrown out of the water. She is focused and straightforward, she lays her cards open and makes it perfectly clear that she expects the world to play by her rules… which is not how it works, usually. Shame, isn’t it?

And speaking of rules – I might have a mentioned a time or two – or ten – that Brian is not my favorite person, but I still can see his reasoning behind keeping Cynthia for a couple of days while her new meds kick in and she stops being a threat to herself and the people around her. I’m not saying I agree with him, but I do understand where he comes from. However, I agree with Sandy as well when she confronts him about it wondering whether he’d ever do something like this to her because hey, working at the hospital can be stressful. Grey area. Grey, grey area…

Cut to–

Of course, something’s wrong with Jordan after the first surgery, and they can’t see what. Did I mention that Allen/Mel family/work dynamics is made of gold? Because it is, and I swear I could watch the two of them talking about medical stuff while addressing their personal issues for 45 minutes every week and be totally happy. It’s really interesting how – willingly or not – Melissa seeks his approval and encouragement, and it breaks my heart to see her trying so hard. (PS Did you notice that Mel’s one-liners are, like, THE BEST? Just saying!)

The scene with Robert saying that they could try to find the person responsible for Zoe’s incident and make them suffer while Allen is like, “Whatever, I’m on the phone” was almost comedic. I bet he wasn’t even listening to Robert because hey, they do that, go on with investigation – and every single Conner is removed from the hospital. Which is not important in any way BECAUSE I LITERARY STOPPED BREATHING WHEN MEL TOLD JERRY TO IGNORE HER FATHER’S CALLS AND MAYBE ALMOST KILLED THAT GIRL! Darn, that was intense!


Griffin, or Griffin… there’s probably a reason why they don’t hold basketball games at the hospitals. Frail people and all that! Good intentions, people, good intentions! If you want to screw up your first day of work, send an elderly patient to the ER. That should do it! Needless to say, Allen wasn’t happy about it. Can’t blame him for calling off the dinner, but it was still sad.

Kudos and standing ovation for Zoe Rivera because she deserves it like no one else! After overhearing the conversation between Allen and Sandy, she comes up with the plan to get what she wants without getting anyone fired – new contract, benefits, CHAIRS! She’s smart, gotta give her that. And again – do we have a pairing name for Zoe and Griffin yet? Work on it!

The scene between Melissa and Kristie was, perhaps, my favorite in this episode. It was interesting to see them both realize that their families can be totally screwed up but there’s no way to get out of it, so  might as well learnt to make it through, one day at a time. [Cheesy comment alert!] – I wanted to hug them both. It isn’t their fault after all, they are both collateral damage in a way, and yet—they’re trying, it’s worth something.

A Cancer and a Scorpio – let’s see where this will end! Especially with Papa Conner keeping an eye on them. Which will be interesting!… Wait, that totally sounded wrong, never mind.

The final scene was absolutely adorable, in a very awkward way because Melissa trying to be all positive and “Yay, let’s go get some food” was the least convincing thing I’ve ever seen. Which means that Sara Canning is fantastic!

Now, if Griffin blows it–



– Don’t ever put your phone on speaker, no matter what. Especially with the family members.

– I KNEW that the stripper girlfriend was trouble!! Gawd, stay away from Griff with your drugs! Ugh!

– I really missed Rebecca and her smartass lines. Hope we’ll get to see her in the next one!

– Quite liking Sandy so far but I’d like to see her show more character because so far she’s doing a great job keeping her family from killing one another but that kind of puts her in the corner.

– So, Griffin is wasting his potential – I really want to know what happened and why he decided to send his future to hell.

– Can we please focus on how awesome the soundtrack is? Excuse me, I need to update my iPod playlist – be right back!

– The dialogue is brilliant! If I’m ever half as good at writing witty and dramatic lines as the writers of Remedy do, I’ll consider my life compete.



Jordan:  “He’s your brother?”
Melissa: “That’s what my parents say”

Robert: “This isn’t a family business. It’s a hospital. And you’re not just some doctor anymore – you’re the Chief of Staff.”
Allen: “Acting.”
Robert: “So act like the Acting Chief of Staff”

Lonnie: “What are we supposed to do – stand up and salute every time someone in a white coat walks by?” (I love her)

Melissa: “Good color on you” (Really, what’s with the brown??”

Melissa: “This won’t last long, mom will deal with the charges and you can, I don’t know, you can get back to whatever life you were leading with whatever Russian stripper you were leading it with.

Zoe: “I feel the same way about needles.”

Melissa:  “First three things they teach you in med school – eat well, sleep as much as you can and don’t screw with the pancreas!” (Funny, I thought med school would be more complicated than that)

Come back for more awesomeness next week!

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