Remedy: Speaking Of Family Business


by Nadin P.

Speaking of awkward family business…

Graphic but not enough to make you regret eating your dinner, dramatic but peppered with humor and witty one-liners, Remedy is a new Canadian medical drama airing on Global and starring Enrico Colantoni, Dillon Casey, Sara Canning, Sarah Allen, Matt Ward and Genelle Williams.


Dynamic and fast-paced, Remedy is set at the Bethune General Hospital in Toronto, centering on the Conner family and the way they artfully juggle – or at least try to – their personal lives and their careers, so closely connected you almost can’t tell one from another.

The series starts with an impromptu family reunion when the ‘prodigal son’ Griffin Conner (Dillon Casey), a medical school dropout slash drug addict gets into a bar fight and is rushed to the Bethune General Hospital where his father Allen Conner (Enrico Colantoni) is the chief of staff, and his sisters Melissa (Sara Canning) and Sandy (Sarah Allen) and a surgeon, and a nurse, respectively. Mix in Zoe Rivera (Genelle Williams), a patient service aide who is having a bad day all over, Brian Decker (Matt Ward), a physician and Sandy’s fiancé, a couple of actual, honest to god patients, and enjoy the ride! Hope you’re not squeamish.

It’s safe to say that Remedy is just the right combination of medical drama, family drama, humor and compelling plotlines to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats the whole time, biting their nails (don’t do that though, it’s disgusting!) and fidgeting nervously as they watch the story progress. If you appreciate well-written show with very human and multi-dimensional characters, give Remedy a shot, and I promise you won’t regret it!

Every Monday at 9PM ET/PT on Global!



~ Can we please focus on the absolute awesomeness of the title sequence and the soundtrack? 10 points out of 5!

~ Not sure how I feel about Brian yet. He comes across as a bit of a douche but I’ll give him a chance before I start disliking him.

~ Momma Conner… erm, momma Baker (I hope we’ll learn some details about the divorce) is awesome! Hope they’ll keep her forever!

~ Is it just me or Dillon Casey is the spitting image of Freddie Prinze Jr.? Just saying!

~ Can’t wait to find out how they all ended up in this medical mess. You don’t get to see the entire family follow the same career path, more or less, that often after all.

~ Zoe is intriguing. Pretty sure she’ll end up having something either with Allen, or Griffin. Also, hope she doesn’t have HIV after all, that’d be sad.

~ I could really use less fecal transplants in the future episodes, thank you! Yet, all things considered, I’m glad the medical aspect was believable without being unbearably gross. At least yet. Nice balance!

~ The stripper needs to go. She has “Trouble” written all over her.



“A lot of people around here look healthy, and then they drop dead.” – Lonnie

“People shouldn’t wear tight pants but they do.” – Lonnie

“I wasn’t yelling – I was emphatic!” – Melissa Conner

“Why is your thing always more important than my thing?” – Melissa Conner

“I’ll be right back.” – Griffin Conner
“Last time you said that, you disappeared for two years.” – Rebecca Baker

“…and I’ll stay here and vandalize your father’s office.” – Rebecca Baker

“Do I have a choice?” – Griffin Conner
“NO!”- Everyone

A coffee junkie and a passionate traveler, Nadin is in love with all things writing – because who wants to live in the real world, anyway? TV or films – everything needs to be fast paced and dramatic. Scary? Even better! A vampire at heart, she can always be found in her cave, glued to her laptop. As a dedicated yogi and someone who can easily hike all the way to Alaska, Nadin thinks she’s the unhealthiest healthy person ever – because pizza, duh? She strongly believes that live needs to be lived, so… walk away from whatever makes you sad and make things happen!

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