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Here at The Plot Bunnies, we love chocolate, which totally explains why we usually spend Valentine’s Day eating Nutella from the jar while watching our favourite horror movies (which for some of us include The Notebook).

You know what we also love though? Harry Potter.

Earlier this month, in a interview conducted by Emma Watson, JK Rowling, creator of Harry Potter and Goddess of millions, declared that she probably shouldn’t have let Hermione and Ron end up together. Although she did add, a bit later, that the couple would probably be fine “with a bit of counseling”, the internet immediately flamed up, some feeling betrayed, and others left jubilating as they were finally able to rub their favourite couple in everybody’s faces.

So, to celebrate this day of socially acceptable form of insanity, your favourite Bunnies decided to give their opinion on the matter, because people love Harry Potter, they love opinions, they love shipping, and more than anything, they love to read and bitch about people’s opinions on their favourite Harry Potter ships.

Ready? Ready.


Nadin: “Luna is the best anyway.”

Rowling’s confession took me by surprise, if only because to me any kind of romance wasn’t as significant as, say, the fact that they were still friends all those years later, their kids going to Hogwarts together; that they got what they’ve been fighting for.

I do, however, see where she was coming from and hey, it’s her books, she has every right to change her mind about why she wrote what she wrote!

In terms of shipping, the one and only couple I really cared about was Tonks/Lupin. I’ve never rooted for anyone as much as I did for these two, mainly because their story was so sad and tragic and every kind of desperate, and I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff. The way it ended was both Agh, I hate everything!!! and Well, I saw it coming, so it’s all cool.

As for Harry/Ron/Hermione triangle and whether I agree with Rowling’s words or not, I can’t say I have a definite opinion simply because I’ve never shipped the trio with anyone within the trio. Ideally, I would love Hermione to end up with George, and Harry with Luna. I mean come on, she was every kind of awesome, the awesomest ever if you please, and my one and only problem with the entire series – if we don’t go into the details about some specific stuff that I might have strong opinions about – was that we never had enough of Luna Lovegood! If anything, I think she deserves her own spin-off book series because there’s so much awesomeness to her Harry Potter just couldn’t contain it. Not that I am biased or anything!

To be serious though, Luna’s story and her character were perhaps the most criminally neglected things that shouldn’t have been left the way they were. Understandably, Rowling had to focus on the main heroes of the series, but for better or for worse, she created such an enchanting and fascinating character half of the fandom needed a lot more than what they got. If anything, what I really and truly do regret is that Luna hadn’t ended up with Neville. Wouldn’t the two of them be great together?

All in all, I wouldn’t go so far as to claim Rowling’s words were nothing but a marketing move, although it did look like it on some level. Personally, I’d rather she left Harry Potter in peace now that it’s over and done with. Every fan had their favorite character(s)/pairing(s)/storyline(s) in the series, and whether or not they liked the way it all played out is not really important now. So, why would she need to bring it up at all?

– Nadin P



Rachel: “God just betrayed me. And Harry should be gay.”

Let’s just take a step back and imagine what humans would say if God descended from on high and said, “Sorry, fellas. Mary wasn’t supposed to be with Joseph. She was supposed to be with George. Muh baaaad.” And then disappeared back into the clouds.

I love JK Rowling, and I think she’s a goddess when it comes to capturing the essence of humanity in a fantastical world. However, the beautiful thing about a piece of literature (or any sort of media for that matter) is that it’s open to the audience’s interpretation. I feel as though it’s the writer’s responsibility to nut up and shut up the moment the books hit the shelves. While I can understand the desperate urge to clarify things after your writing is published and out there for the world to critique, but if you need to explain something that your books weren’t able to, then they probably weren’t written as well as you would think.

In my mind, Hermione, Ron AND Harry will always be meant to be together. Just the three of them.

Besides, it is still my firm belief that my OTP Harry/Draco is the way to go. Drarry forever and always, bitches.

– Rachel C



Roz: “Your opinion is irrelevant. Ginny Potter rules.”

I read the so called “interview” with JK Rowling about “suggesting” that Harry might have been better off with Hermione and I “blarfed” a little. That was a combination of first blacking out from the stupidity of the idea and then barfing because that’s like Luke and Leia kissing. OK, they’re not siblings but they’re just friends. Best friends. Harry and Hermione is a bromance, she just happens to have a vagina.

I like Ron. I don’t think he gets enough credit. Partly that’s because the films give a lot of his smart lines and ideas to Hermione, leaving Ron for comedic relief. I can see Hermione falling for Ron and I love that when she smells love potions, she smells fresh grass like at the Burrow. She’s an intense person and Ron helps her slow down, enjoy life, laugh at fart jokes. Would they be together forever? Probably not. In fact, I hate the epilogue trying to guess what the rest of Harry’s life was like. But I’m absolutely positive Harry marries Ginny and they do it. Not in that order, obviously. Who could resist those glasses?

Remember when Harry was a miserable jerk bag in Order of the Phoenix? Ginny stood up to him.

Harry: “I didn’t want anyone to talk to me.”

Ginny: “Well, that was a bit stupid of you, seeing as how you don’t know anyone but me who’s been possessed by You-Know-Who, and I can tell you how it feels.”

Harry: “I forgot.”

Ginny: “Lucky you.”

Yeah, you tell him, girlfriend! Ginny is badass. She’s amazing at Quidditch and has fierce red hair. Also, Ginny comes with instant family, which is perfect for Harry. I wanted Ginny to be with Harry forever and ever even before she went to Hogwarts. That’s a terrible sentence. Who cares? Ginny Potter 4EVER!!

Now, Hermione. I identify most with this character. We both love rules, memorizing facts and rubbing them in people’s faces, and our hair is just a mess in humid climates.  I’m not sure if Hermione could spend her life with Ron but who are we to judge? Hermione could probably be a successful single woman and use magic to make babies. That’s a spell, right? Impregnate? I mean, if she even wanted kids. As an advocate of Elementary, I think there a lot of similarities between that version of Sherlock and Joan Watson, and Harry and Hermione. It works. Scarred men and smart women can be friends! ONLY FRIENDS.

– Roz Y



Anais: “The solution is an orgy.”

« Oh, J.K. Rowling. Could you leave Harry Potter alone? » is the first thing I thought when I read the interview. I’m kinda glad that she shared her doubts, because it’s her right as a writer and as the creator of the world. But why did she have to bash Ron? I hate it when people bash Ron. JK, you’ll never read this, but Ron Weasley is one of the most complex characters you created. Would he and Hermione have stayed together forever? Dunno. Don’t care. They had something though. Plus, just because they ended up together after the 7th volume doesn’t mean… oooh. Oh wait. The epilogue, right? Yeah. I feel like somehow, if JK really thought about it, she would realize that the real mistake was to write that epilogue. Sealing her characters’ future was not the best move.

Anyway. I never read Harry Potter for the romance. I always thought it was the weakest point of the universe. I hate Cho Chang to this day, I hate seeing Harry in any kind of romantic situation, and I don’t even buy into Lily and James as a couple. They « just started dating »? Yeah right. I believe in that like I believe in contraceptive spells.

… Why spells, people? A potion would make so much more sense. Why would you even bother taking your wand to bed?

… That came out wrong.

The main couples were not all that interesting in general, except for Ron and Hermione, because their relationship was so flawed. The others were far more interesting, like Lupin/Tonks, Sirius/Remus (what? They were totally in love), Fred/Angelina, George/Angelina… and anything involving Luna Lovegood. If Neville didn’t marry her, she totally ended up with Draco. Luna rocks and should bang everybody. That is all.

– Anais L

And you? Who do you ship in Harry Potter and why?'

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