Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?!


The first video game based on Adventure Time, the Emmy nominated Cartoon Network show about best buds Finn and Jake, gets a lot of things right. I’m playing it on my 3DS and totes digging it! It’s not full of butts at all.

Whimsy? Check.

Old school game fun? Check!

BMO? Check!

But while the game has awesome Adventure Time dialogue, it’s not voiced by the actors. Sure, there are a few punching sounds and random quotes taken from the show, but no original voice acting. I realized playing the game that without John DiMaggio and Jeremy Shada, it’s just not the Jake and Finn I know and love. If they’d recorded the dialogue, this game would be algebraic!


I need a vacation with babes.

In the game, Ice King, the biggest butt of them all, is up to no good. The garbage he’s stolen is scattered all around Ooo. You play as Finn and punch or slide kick bad guys with Jake’s help. BMO teaches you how to use your inventory and small missions pop up as you travel around. You meet classic Adventure Time characters, like Princess Bubblegum, and fight jerk face ogres. If you’re smart, you’ll save often at the fountains common around the game, where water babes are partying. Make sure to combine your pancakes and hot dogs with condiments to recover heart energy. This game is tough and unforgiving, like games used to be! A side-scrolling action-adventure, it feels like a retro Zelda game but with Adventure Time jazz. So, basically, your dream come true. Almost.

I can’t get enough Adventure Time, so I’m happy to be able to play the 3DS game while waiting for more episodes. I’m not raving about it to friends, grabbing their faces and pushing my console directly to their eyeballs to expose everyone to the awesome, but it’s good. It’s a bit of a disappointment for your earballs, but overall I recommend Adventure Time:  Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?!

It’s like 8 fluffy dragons out of 10 sugar swords for me.


LSP is my hero.

– Roz Y.

A microbiologist turned screenwriter, she loves all things science. Roz enjoys video games (the cake is a lie!) and reading comic books, and arguing with other geeks about both. Inspired by screenwriters like Stephen Moffat, Edgar Wright, Fran Walsh, and Joss Whedon, her favourite genres are science fiction, horror, and fantasy. Roz is so cool she plays the French Horn and has a collection of fabulous head bands.

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