Sleepy Hollow: The Jaw-Dropping Finale!


by Nadin P.

The absolute best thing about Sleepy Hollow Season 1 finale was perhaps the fact that the show has already been renewed, and now it’s just a matter of time for us to see the story unfold further.

The finale itself, which, much to our delight, was a 2-hour episode, was stuffed and packed with every kind of twist imaginable, and if you in fact watch the show, you probably know exactly what I mean. Basically, the episode could be summed up with: “Wait, what? … Wait, WHAT?? … WAIT, WHAT??!! WTH JUST HAPPENED!!” (Repeat 30 times or so)


Well, first of all I need to point out that Ichabod trying to use the cell phone is the cutest thing ever seen on TV in the history of TV, and I’m not even kidding. The fact that he finds his phone old and not good enough, asking Abbie for an upgrade – no comment here, really.

While Ichabod struggles with technological inconveniences, Abbie has a little chat with Zombie-ish Andy who warns her about the prophecy and the fact that Ichabod is going to betray her. Like everyone else did, blah, blah, blah. She doesn’t believe him, but he does get under her skin.

Because he’s kind of right, about everyone leaving her behind at least.

And because half an hour later this is exactly what happens with Ichabod. Sort of.

Now, the second best thing of this entire episode was the National Treasure feel, what with the secret tombs and maps and overall fun. Peppered with usual humor and time/era confusion, it was a great experience indeed!

Following the map left by Zombie George Washington – did I just say that? For real?! – Abbie, Henry and Ichabod find the entry to Purgatory, and because it seems like a brilliant plan [insert sarcasm here], Abbie and Ichabod go in there to free his wife Katrina from eternal damnation. Bad, bad, bad plan!

Because! Because they do find Katrina who is being her usual damsel-in-distress-self, but there’s a trick to getting her out – no soul can just walk away, someone else should take her place! Needless to say, Abbie volunteers to stay in Purgatory [facepalm] so that Katrina and Ichabod could return to the real world, thus fulfilling the prophecy. In a way.


Meanwhile, in a parallel universe… well, in the real world in that case, Irving confesses to killing the priest and the policeman murdered by the possesed Macey because the police started the investigation and all evidence point to her, and he can’t just go and say – hey, my daughter did kill them but she was possessed by a demon, so can we please forget about it and go out for beers? Now that brings his story in Season 2 to a whole new level, doesn’t it?

MEANWHILE, fresh out of purgatory, Ichabod and Katrina find out that their son Jeremy hadn’t actually died. Instead – DRUM ROLL!! – it’s Henry! And I wasn’t going to say “I knew it” because I didn’t know THAT, but I knew that we shouldn’t have trusted him!! So saw it coming! Not the Jeremy part perhaps, but the twist. And he’s not happy with his parents! As in – they died and left me alone, and now I wanna torture them to death and/or bury them alive, whichever comes first.

And this is how the Season ends!


~ Ichabod and technology! Always! Ichabod trying to grasp the idea of Facebook? Priceles! I swear if they could just make a season of him exploring the wonders of modern world, the ratings would go through the roof. Also, wasn’t it cute how Abbie trusted him with digging through her social network.

~ Abbie/Jenny convo before they go on a crazy adventure and Abbie saying that even though it’s all bad and dangerous, and ‘remember me young and beautiful if I never come back”, she’s tired of being scared all the time.

~ Irving confessing to something he hadn’t done to save his daughter. Excuse me, I need to go cry in the corner now.

~ Andy being turned into what-the-hell-ever he was turned into in the second part of the finale – half human half bug of some sort. Now that was seriously creepy!


~ The moment at the church in Purgatory when Ichabod promised Abbie to come back for her. That hug? You can’t tell me he doesn’t love her!! It was so sad and scary and bittersweet!

~ Katrina might have been a powerful witch centuries ago, but right now she’s a whiny damsel in distress who needs constant saving. You just can’t put her anywhere near kickass Abbie who, I’m sure, even if Ichabod is too dead/trapped in the coffin six feet under to save her, will find her way out of Purgatory in no time. Katrina, on the other hand, needs to go right back! … Right?

~ No Katrina in Ichabod’s ‘test’ Purgatory and no Jenny in Abbie’s? That was weird. Just sayin’.

~ Did I mention Zombie George Washington?!

~ JENNY!! Is she dead? I refuse to even start thinking about it!


~ Obviously, Ichabod and Abbie will be fine. What’s the show without them? The question is – how? How about we shove Katrina back there and pull Abbie out? I want to believe that’s exactly what will happen!

~ Killing Jenny off doesn’t make any sense. I’m not saying it just because it’d kill Abbie, but because she’s a great part of the team. Who wouldn’t want to have a crazy person with the gun on their side? Hopefully she’ll team up with Macey to bail Irving out. We’re still to see her dating Irving, right?

~ Henry/Jeremy – does Ichabod need to kill him for real to put an end to this mess?

~ And then they’ll beat the Moloch! Obviously. Who is right in the same reality with Abbie now, yikes! And he wants her soul! I mean she’ll kick his ass and we all know that, but it’s still quite horrifying.

I’m out of viable theories now because I’m terrified by the idea of anyone being stuck in a doll house – because it’s creepy. And because it looks like that evil mansion from Suspiria. Big time.

If you guys want to share any ideas and speculations – please do!

And let the waiting begin!'

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