Nadin P is my MUSE

Jan19 friendship

Yesterday I started doodling and created a mini comic about one of the Plot Bunnies’ Facebook posts. I often read her status updates and love them. Sometimes they are deep, sometimes insightful, sometimes random, sometimes hilarious, and always true. Nadin was wondering about my strange obsession with her and I commented that she’s “funny like Louis CK” is funny. I mean, the idea that the world and our lives are finite and lonely, but we share joy in experiencing it together. Even the crappy parts. Especially the crappy parts.

Another young writer I know confessed that her greatest fear is to be forgotten. Mine is zombies. It’s funny hanging around with so many intensely creative people and poking their noodles. They think A LOT. Maybe too much. But I like them this way.

Jan12 cate

While I decided to create comics from more of Nadin’s FB posts, I realized that a recent one that I had a serious SOUL PANG identifying-with-this-sentiment flash through the interwebs, was missing. Nadin wrote:

“I don’t know if getting everything I want would make me happy, but the opposite is certainly NOT WORKING.”

She’s either deleted it, I’m stupid and don’t see it despite actually eyeballing it, or Facebook decided to hide it from me as the first step in sentient AI. If you decided that was too much sharing for Facebook, Nadin, you’re wrong. Sure, most people can’t handle honest confessions talked into their brain spaces, but it doesn’t mean you can’t say how you feel.

Of course, maybe you won the lottery and considering your new truck loads of money, the post was in bad taste. In that case, I love you even more. Wink wink.

But I don’t think Nadin was talking about cash.

Being an artist is hard. Understatement, I know. And someone recently waved that in my face, like I don’t know it. I KNOW. But we’re not going to stop writing or sharing our intimate thoughts with the world. Even if it upsets our moms.

So I’m going to keep making mini comics inspired by Nadin’s random insights. She’s my MUSE. Now I just have to figure out how to make them the proper size. My kingdom for a horse (that understands Illustrator better than I do).

Jan9 fire

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