Welcome To Haven-ly Hellatus

by Nadin P.
It’s been over a week now, a long and torturous week full of ugly tears and Haven marathons, and more tears, and more marathons. You see the pattern here, right?
Still, there’s no news about Season 5, and with Christmas being only a few days away, I doubt we’ll hear anything in the coming week or two. Which basically makes me want to go all Grinch and just boycott the whole holiday season because who the hell cares about Christmas trees and Christmas movies and all that stuff when SyFy keeps us hanging like that? I don’t even care about the waiting in itself. No big deal, really. It’s the fact that the longer they think, the more probably cancellation is that freaks me out.
This is, I guess, the part of the ‘glamorous’ filmmaking that I like least. There is so much involved in decision making… Almost Game of Thrones kind of politics, really. All messed up. Meanwhile, the fans go crazy. 


So, while we’re waiting, here’s a bit of my mind about Season 4, and where Season 5 might head, should we get it.

1. Vince and Dave. I’m pretty sure that Dave’s hiding more than what he’d let slip already. God knows how long he’d known about Howard and his involvement in Dave’s adoption. Needless to say they’d never be the same, but I’m still looking forward to their new dynamics. And I am particularly curious about why Dave was so desperately drawn to the door while Jennifer, Audrey and William weren’t affected by it the same way. What’s so different about him? Is he different in any other way as well? Is he troubled?
Vince and Dave have always been rather neutral characters, neither friends nor foes. Just two dudes mainly caring about the well being of Haven and its inhabitants. Wouldn’t it be interesting if one of them goes bad and the other has to make some serious choices?
2. Audrey. Whoever she is. Obviously, she will have to become Audrey again. That’s kinda the whole point of Season 5, I presume. Question is, how much damage and destruction she’ll cause before it happens. Then again, we will sure have a fun ride, no?
The interesting thing about Audrey/Mara is that being Mara is not entirely natural to her. Remember how William said that once Lexie goes through the door, she’d be whoever she most wants to be on the other side. Which means that if she wanted to be Mara, she’d turn right into her when she landed on that field, right? Which means that her ‘natural’ state is being Audrey Parker. Which means that Audrey is probably fighting real hard right now to get out. I wonder if she feels the same way as Duke when he’s been possessed. What if, just like Duke, she’s ‘riding in the back seat’ and can be nothing but a silent observer while Mara tries to get William back?
And speaking of—
3. William. What really confuses me is why William wanted Lexie to remember Audrey! Why wouldn’t he try to try and make her remember Mara right away? It would probably be easier seeing as how Lexie didn’t have as many connections to the “real” world as Audrey, like Nathan and her whole life in Haven. Sure it would be easier to get Mara back and just walk into the sunset.
Why go through all the trouble of sending her back to Haven? He didn’t die when the barn imploded and disappeared. Which means he can easily travel between the worlds. Which means Mara probably can, too, hypothetically speaking. So again, why make it all complicated with Haven?! ESPECIALLY if he knew that there was the door that could send him back to whatever pit he crawled out of! And I assume he could see Jennifer’s appearance coming, so…. I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING, UGH!
PS Kudos for making goofy and adorable Colin Ferguson so deliciously evil! Man, I hope William comes back!
4. Duke. As much as it hurt to see him cry bloody tears, literary, I am 97% sure he’s gonna be fine. First of all, Duke’s been one of the main characters from the start, alongside with Audrey, Nathan, Vince and Dave. And Haven is not exactly Game of Thrones where no one is safe. There are certain rules every TV show establishes one way or another, and Havensort of established that the main characters don’t die.
Second, I’m not sure I’m at liberty to speak of any specific figures but Duke’s fandom is HUGE. Plot twists and shock factor aside, the writers and show-runners and whoever makes decisions about major character deaths, they risk losing a significant chunk of audience that will quit Haven in a blink of an eye if Duke Crocker is gone for good. Again, there are many factors that can impact that decision but I don’t see why they would voluntarily kill the entire show like that.
Now the thing with re-troubling that I really want to know is why it went so terribly wrong. Was it Audrey’s mistake? Or was it something that always happens when you re-trouble someone who’s been trouble before but was cured? Like, what would’ve happened if, say, Jordan was cured and then re-troubled? Would she have gotten the pain of all the people she’d caused pain to? I mean Duke’s trouble is kind of really special, but it’s still just a trouble and general rules should apply, as far as logic works with troubles.
Or – was it something that Mara did on purpose? During that glimpse of memory about her and William being all touchy-feely with each other – what if that evil side of Audrey did this for fun without Audrey knowing it, at least consciously? Now that would be interesting!
Either way, I’m positive that Duke’s gonna have a hell of a storyline in Season 5 (which is totally happening, shut up!)
5. Nathan… Really needs to stop blending into the background!! He barely had any storyline that didn’t involve Audrey and his love for Audrey and everything Audrey in season 4, and that needs to change. Not that it’s a bad thing, per se, but in all previous seasons he did have storyline sof his own, be it his daddy issues, or his trouble issues, or his Jordan issues, or, I don’t know, ANY issues that didn’t revolve around Audrey. In Season 4, however, Nathan was the most secondary of the main characters, and he deserves more than that!
Which is exactly why I want him to be very active in trying to make Mara turn back into Audrey! Hell, he is probably the only one that can do it! And yes, it will actually be different from his Season 4 slacking off because in Season 4 he couldn’t really do much except wait for Jennifer to hear something and freak out a lot. Which was annoying sometimes because it wasn’t like Jennifer didn’t want to help or anything, but she couldn’t exactly control the whole “I can hear weird voices coming from the barn” thing either –because if she could, I’m sure she’d just get it over with ASAP.
(Was I the only one annoyed by Nathan constantly trying to literary shake the answers out of her? Dude, you’re desperate, we get it! Now chill, would ya? She’s not your personal barn radio.)
Also they could throw a handful of guilt in the mix for good measure. Who told Audrey to start – and keep – troubling people? Who trusted her to hold on to her ‘Audrey’ self despite, you know, logic? I mean it’s Haven we’re talking about! Of course something had to go wrong, and Nathan, of all people, should have known it and seen it coming! His working out these issues would sure be one hell of a character arc!
He can do it! All he needs to do is step out of the shadow and stop letting everyone else steal his spotlight! … Right?
And now last but not least…
6. Jennifer. I won’t even start on how she is basically my favorite supporting character so far, and how I DON’T WANT HER TO BE GONE!!! *Ahem*
Anyway, I don’t believe she’s dead.
First of all, she was too obviously dead in the finale. Sort of. Except I didn’t really get how or why. What “killed” her, exactly? And how could Duke tell in just a second that she wasn’t breathing? He wasn’t really in the best condition himself to, you know, be a reliable expert. More importantly, breathing and being alive are not the same things. It’s a little bit more complicated than that and mostly involves brain being alive and functioning.
These are, of course, technical details that a TV doesn’t really have to follow if they want to kill off the character.
The thing about screenwriting and creating decent, if not excellent story, is that everything you’re doing should be justified. Especially character deaths. (We’re talking about good TV, of course). Even in Game of Thrones -which seems to be my favorite reference as of late because, duh? – everything, good or bad, mostly bad, happens for a reason. Cause and effect, if you please. It sucks to be looking at everything from this point of view sometimes, but it can be rather insightful now and then as well.
They didn’t kill Jordan in the end of Season 3 even though it totally looked like she died, remember?
I’m not saying that they’re going to necessarily pull the same trick with Jennifer, but I honestly don’t see why she needs to be gone when she’s still obviously needed.
(Primarily because Duke finally found someone who makes him happy and it’s freakin’ mutual!! Man, it’d be beyond heartless to take her away now!! They can’t hate him that much, can they?)

If Jennifer is the only one who can deal with the magic book and the door into nothingness, and if she’s gone, Mara and her plans to get William back are seriously screwed. Of course they can try to find someone else, another person brought in from the other world, to try and make them do the job. Or they can even try to force Dave into it somehow, although I’m not sure he’s useful at all, assuming he never demonstrated any other connections to the other side except being uncontrollably suicidal around the door.
Another thing that bugs me, and it can be one hell of a stretch and a whole lot of wishful thinking, is what Vince said to Jennifer. He said that she might be the one to save them all. Which made me think. Which is ever a good thing. If that really is the case, she can’t die, especially when they are kinda nowhere near being over with their problems yet. All things considered, they are in a much bigger mess than… well, usually.
Which inevitably led me to yet another technicality. The thing about writing a script is that every word, every line counts. Big time! And since I’m spending most of my waking time arranging, rearranging and polishing said lines, Vince’s words stuck with me. He wouldn’t have been given this line if there wasn’t more to it.
I said it before and I say it again – occasional unnecessary exposition aside, Haven is wonderfully written and its dialogue is always fast paced and on the spot. Which is why I find it hard to believe that they’d make him say something like that shortly before killing Jennifer if they planned to really get rid of her. It just feels wrong even if it nothing but my speculation.
Of course, there’s also that Emma Lahana may not necessarily be available for shooting next season, which is also one of the factors that impact appearance – and disappearance – of the TV characters now and then. But she’s been filming Arctic Air right here in Vancouver at the same time as working on Haven, so I do hope that both shows might get her back for another round.
All in all, it still bothers me that Haventried going for a somewhat open ending – will Duke survive? What happened to William? How did Mara come back? Is Jennifer really dead? What about Vince and Dave? It wasn’t exactly a wrap up but they could, technically, leave it like that – open to interpretation. Yet, if they knew that the show would be cancelled, I’m pretty sure we’d get a much better closure. So, let’s collectively wish SyFy happy holidays and keep our fingers crossed for getting some good Haven news for Christmas, however belated it is.
Yay? Nay? If you guys agree or disagree, let me know!
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