by Nadin P.

The hardest part of writing this review was getting out of deep pit of despair the season finale of Havenleft me in. Which wasn’t easy. Not when you’re 5 minutes into the episode, and you’re already crying ugly tears because it is THIS SAD!!! (For the record, I didn’t cry when Bambi’s mother died).

Also, the last time I had to call my mother in the middle of the night, sobbing over the ‘wrong’ ending of a TV show was about 4 years ago, and I hoped I wouldn’t have to do it again. Not that soon at least. And not about the TV.
But here we are, at the end of yet another season without any news on whether or not Season 5 will see the light of day. What’s not to cry about?

The finale of Season 4 was not only stressful and intense, it also was the first 2-part season finale that left us, devoted fans, hanging for a week between said parts. I guess we all knew that something big and bad was coming when EVERYTHING that could possibly go wrong went wrong in 4×12.
Sadly, in the long run, this particular finale wasn’t as strong as I expected, especially compared to the episodes wrapping up Seasons 1, 2, and 3, as well as the rest of Season 4, which, in my opinion, was the strongest of them all so far. Unfortunately, after 11 solid and Haven-style episodes, Season 4 had a rather confusing and, I would even say, anti-climatic ending. Don’t get me wrong, I did take it hard in every possible way, but I was expecting… more?
It all started with Part 1, namely episode 12 “When the Bough Breaks”.
That long and very expositional dialogue aside (sorry, the screenwriter in me wanted to scream when Awesome Foursome talked about stuff we kinda already knew for, like, ever), Nathan’s blind trust in Audrey was baffling. For the length of the entire episode Duke seemed to be the only sane and reasonable person, and when that happens, it usually means they are in deep, deep trouble. Obviously, Nathan WANTED to believe that Audrey could give someone a new trouble, remember her true and original self, and still hold on to Audrey Parker. Yet, it is one thing to believein someone you love, and another – to close your eyes on your duty to ‘serve and protect’ and put, like, half of the world in danger.
Now about danger… Where the hell was “half of Haven PD” when Jennifer went wandering off with Vince and Dave to explore the lighthouse? The whole idea of them being stuck and bored out of their minds in that warehouse was to ensure her safety, right? Yet, everyone seemed to totally forget about it. And what could Vince and Dave possibly do against William if he decided to show up, anyway?
And then something similar happened in “The Lighthouse” when Duke sent Jennifer off with Vince and Dave to do research because she was supposed to be “safe” with them. Erm, excuse me, the last time that happened, Jennifer was attacked by that Rougarou thing in 4×11. I don’t think there’s any such thing as safe in Haven, Maine, to begin with. It certainly isn’t anywhere near Haven Herald. Thank God nothing happened, but they really need to stop assuming that Herald is safe. 
Speaking of Duke… After Lincoln’s “troubling” went so desperately and terribly wrong in 4×12, I can’t believe that no one pointed that out to Audrey and stopped her from troubling Duke again in 4×13. Like, WHY??? Why would they assume that it would work after she’d failed so grandly? Just because Duke was troubled before?
Instantly it felt like a far bigger mistake than her acceptance to trouble anyone at all. Now, I know it’s a baby we’re talking about, a baby whose cry was killing random people, which meant that each and every one of them was in danger, potentially. And I don’t want to sound cruel or anything, but they could have found a way to keep the baby sedated and sleeping until they came up with a way to deal with that trouble without having to give anyone new troubles. Gloria probably had enough medical knowledge to make it possible without putting little Aaron in danger. Yet, they decided to throw all caution away and go for the worst decision.
As for Gloria, she’s been a real highlight of the entire Season 4. Witty and sarcastic, each and every one of her lines was a gem. I still want to know how and why she bought weed from Duke, and under what circumstances, because come on! That said, the beginning of “The Lighthouse” was… weird? A conversation about afterlife and souls and all things that can’t be explained was so out of character and, frankly, out of place that I couldn’t help wondering – who the hell are you, lady, and what have you done to Gloria?? Also, seeing as how Audrey had been “reincarnating” for God knows how long to fight with troubles, I don’t think she was the right person to talk to about such stuff. We don’t even know if she is entirely human to begin with.
OF COURSE, the last person to complete the circle had to be Dave! I mean, the moment he said he was adopted, it was clear that there was more to it than just “FYI”. I honestly can’t believe that no one made the connection before, especially Vince with his constant research of the troubles and people affected by them. How could he not know that Dave’s adoption was arranged by Agent Howard, like Jennifer’s? Again, it would make more sense if Dave removed the files from the archives a while ago. Say, when Agent Howard showed up for the first time in Season 1. I just find it impossible to buy the whole thing at this stage.
The thing with Duke getting his trouble back was really confusing as well. So, he got his own trouble back AND all the troubles absorbed by the generations of his ancestors? How? Was it William who did it through the black goo? Was it Audrey’s mistake? If yes, how? And why? More importantly, was there a way to avoid it? Too many questions.
I won’t even comment on Jennifer’s “death”. 1. It wasn’t plausible, and 1. I’m in denial. Big time. She was one of the best secondary characters this show ever had, and man, did they have a lot of them! And she’s kind of my favorite character, too. After Duke. Because everything is Duke!! *Ahem* Getting rid of her, one way or another, when she’s clearly a HUGE part of the story seems absolutely stupid. Not to mention the fact that they’d kind of need her to open the door and bring William back, since it is supposed to be Mara’s big plan. Here’s to the power of positive thinking, right?
Voicing one of the most unpopular opinions, I have to admit that I absolutely love the idea of Audrey turning bad. Obviously, if that happens, it won’t be a forever kind of thing. They’ll have to find a way to make her good again eventually. Yet, it’ll give the show a hell of a lot of storylines to explore, something fresh to experiment with. Besides, after Audrey/Nathan “happened”, where would they go with their relationship? Something bad was bound to happen (rules of screenwriting!!) to keep the show afloat, and going for evil!Audrey, after all the time when she was basically the definition of “good”, really seemed like their best bet!
I also kind of liked the side effects of Duke’s re-troubling simply because 1. No one in their right mind would ever kill him off the show as he is the main character and no show is ever that suicidal, so he’s going to be fine, and 2. It gives him certain purpose and character arc for Season 5. And it’s every kind of badass so far. I mean crying bloody tears? Really scary but still cool.
Remember when Havenwas a cute little show where nothing really bad could happen? I don’t think we’re ever in danger of anything like that happening again.
That said, beware of GOOD stuff on TV, people! That’s usually when the shows end!
Now, what I really feel bad about is that Vince and Dave will never be the same again. Even if we forget about Dave’s lies, I doubt Vince will ever be okay with the whole “I’m gonna shoot you now, dear brother” thing. And these two… man, they were like a married couple most of the time, just as grumpy and adorable. Whatever turn Havenmight take in Season 5, I don’t think it would have the same atmosphere of coziness and comfort as before. Not with Vince and Dave being at odds.  Season 4, I daresay, was much darker and deeper than the first three seasons, and Season 5 has no other choice but to keep moving in that direction.
Ranting and some questions aside, however, Season 4 felt like a serious step up for Haven, and I desperately loved strong character development and the storylines introduced to us during these unbelievably short weeks. I was cheering and laughing and crying and throwing things at my TV – no kidding – and it was the best of experiences. If we don’t get to see the rest of the story in Season 5, it will be a shame, and a loss both for the channel and the devoted audience.
 I did love the finale, a lot, and the fact that I watched it 8 times since it aired (minus the last 10 minutes, could only handle them twice) is a sure sign of success in my book. Every single one of Duke/Jennifer moments, the rollercoaster of relationship between Nathan and Audrey, Dwight being so awesome, hopeless and hopeful times – I have no idea how to handle the fact that there’ll be no new episode next Friday.
Thing is, it’s easier to talk about things that didn’t quite work than bawl my eyes out over those that did. When Duke walked out of that house; when Gloria hugged him; when Jennifer went after him; when creepy guys caught Nathan; when Duke started coughing blood; the last 10 minutes of Season 4 – all these moments were too good and too sad and overall asdfghjkl!!! to think straight. So yeah. Here we are.  
It still hurts to think that “The Lighthouse” may be the very last of Haven that we see but let’s not lose hope! Nathan deserves a house with a Sea Monster in the pool, and we’re still to enjoy Duke’s and Jennifer’s flavored coffee commercial. Besides, it’s his turn to cook! 
Dear SyFy, we didn’t do anything wrong, please don’t hate us.'

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    December 17, 2013


    I agree 100% on everything you wrote! This show needs to be renewed!

      December 17, 2013

      The Mary Susies

      Thank you 🙂 I hope Eric Balfour wasn’t just fooling around when he told us to expect some good news before Christmas. Fingers crossed!

    December 17, 2013


    Agree on just about everything. Very nice write-up, thanks! Plus, it makes me think that Dave and Vince may finally have some on-screen development in S5 rather than just being mystery mumblers. The only character who isn’t really on line with a new and developing plot is poor Nathan.

      December 18, 2013

      The Mary Susies

      Thank you! I certainly hope that both Teagues brothers will get some decent action in Season 5. Wouldn’t that be cool? As for Nathan, let’s wait and see where the situation with Evil!Audrey will take him 🙂

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