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Almost Human is one of the latest arrivals in sci-fi on television. The basics of the show’s universe go as follow: new technologies can’t be regulated anymore, the crime rate went off the charts and to try and fight it, the police now employs robots who fight alongside with regular human cops. As for the story, John Kennex (whose name sounds like they were trying to make the name Kenneth sound futuristic) is a cop with a dark past who is back in the police force after an ambush that left him without a right leg and killed his human partner. In the pilot he gets a new partner, Dorian, a special kind of robot that’s a little too human for his own safety (Replicant much, show?). Now they’re ready to go out there and kick some ass in this dystopian future.

What did the Plot Bunnies think of the first episodes?

Roz – Robots + Sexy Actors = Win

When you watch and study as much TV as we do (Mary Susies high five to our small screen geeky brethren), you know not to judge a new show solely based upon its pilot. In the case of Almost Human, I would say the first episode didn’t quite capture the tone of the show that’s developed through episodes two and three. And I like what the show is evolving into. The best part about Almost Human is the relationship between Kennex and Dorian, human and android. I think the pilot was too focused on the human side, in a ridiculously over dramatic way. His ex-girlfriend, who haunts his dreams, is also part of the clandestine organization trying to out tech the police? Boring. I don’t know or care about her, yet. Get to the partnership of the show. I think it was a smart move to have a sexy second episode. It was fun and satisfied my desire to see Kennex and Dorian work together.
It was really clever to have a comedic slant to “Skin”, because sexy android prostitutes make us giggle, and it opened up a dramatic range all the way to how androids deal with death. Plus, harvesting skin from people is super gross. I loved it. Episode 3, “Are You Receiving” was sort of like Die Hard in the future. Another smart and fun episode. I’ll be adding Almost Human to my regular line up. It’s a fun, TV version of Blade Runner buddy cops. Plus, Karl Urban and Michael Ealy are sexy babes. I might start lady ranting about Minka Kelly’s detective character, because she’s underused so far, but the show has room to grow. Shout out to Mackenzie Crook, who plays the resident crazy scientist guy, Rudy Lom, at the police station. Love him!
Rachel – Waiting for the slash fics
I love Almost Human, but something definitely went wrong.Karl Urban plays the curmudgeonly detective very well, but there are some points when his line delivery melds into a sloppy punch to the goddamn face. What is with the corny-ass dialogue on this show? It’s like my eyes are constantly rolling so far back into my head I can see my own brain stem, but then I have this mental hurdle that prevents me from hating it because I just love Karl too damn much. Michael Ealy definitely seems like he’s trying harder than Karl. Yes, Karl, we know you’re a millionaire, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to try anymore. In addition to the smarmy lines, the show’s riddled with police drama cliches. It’s like CSI set 50 years into the future sans the sunglasses at night BS.I’m assuming most people haven’t had the chance to see the Intelligence pilot at SDCC, and even less people have seen both the Intelligence pilot AND the Almost Human pilot. So let me just break it down for you: half-robot half-human secret agent/detective has a traumatic incident that somehow involves their secretly evil terrorist ex-girlfriends. WTF? I can see the season finale from a mile away and I’m already groaning. Give me Detective Bones and his smexy android partner. None of this ex-girlfriend’s-a-murderous-bitch garbage.

Speaking of girlfriends, I don’t like Minka Kelly. Push her character off a building and I’ll do that walrus slappy thing while braying with delight.

I love Almost Human for what it is: Karl Urban and Michael Ealy becoming sexually co-dependent partners on their quest to solve crime in a world of blue glass and other shiny things. But is it going down in history as the most well-written show of all time? Not even close.

So instead of taking this too seriously, I’m going to just watch future episodes while stuffing my face at lunch, read some naughty slash fanfiction and send my friends the links with the accompanying messages “OMFG READ THIS NOW IT’S SO HOT” and “I told you they belong together”. That’s usually how I go about watching TV anyway.

Nadin – TBI: To Be Improved
Well, first things first – it was next to impossible to take Almost Human seriously after watching that opening scene that’s been filmed in the alley behind VFS during our Adaptation class. All I could think about was Sam/Frodo slash and kindergarten Romeo and Juliet.
The idea in general was interesting, if a little predictable. It reminded me too much of Terminator, and Robocop, and Chronicles of Sarah Connor, and the like – all the half human films and TV shows ever made. Then again, this whole dystopian-post-apocalyptic world seems to be a big thing these days, be it TV, films, or literature. And in the light of everything happening in the world right now, I see why.
So, Almost Human… let me start by saying that Karl Urban is, like, the worst. Well, not necessarily him, but so far, I’m not even remotely interested in his character.
There was so much angst in the first three episodes I could have spread it on at least three other TV shows and would still have some left. Okay, it’s one thing to not be able to really get into the story just because the characters run around the same place you go for groceries. It is something entirely different when the characters are being overdramatic to a ridiculous level! Man, it was so annoying I can’t even—
One syllable answers. Broody faces. “I don’t trust anyone but you”. When we know nothing about the story, it can be nothing but laughable. In a not funny way.
The main reason I couldn’t really get into the show, however, was the world that I normally have to relate to what I watch something that I like. And by far the future depicted in Almost Human is nothing I’d ever want to be a part of. It’s too dark, and depressing, and if that’s the future we’re moving towards, I’d rather not live long enough to experience it.
But let’s remember that one should never judge a book by its movie, or a show by its pilot. They have what, 12 episodes to make it right? And hey, they did improve it some by episode 3!
I do really want to know more about the robots and how they became a thing. What kind of worries me, though, is whether or not we’re going to go deeper into the ‘racial’ thing and how the society is supposed to treat the droids seeing as how they are not really human beings but at the same time they’re a part of life that you can’t stay away from and ignore. Also, we’ve seen that they can develop emotional response, which makes their relationship with humans rather complicated.
I can’t help comparing them with some kind of slaves. It’s true that they were created by human with the purpose to serve and assist and protect, but it takes me back to Star Trek and the issue of Spock and his kind and their place in the human world.
It’s a bit thing to elaborate on, and I wonder where Almost Human is going to go with it in the end.
Also, some development for the other characters would be greatly appreciated. So far, I don’t see a purpose for anyone beside Kennex and Dorian, and, well, they need it if they are a part of the show. That said, the overall story that we’ve seen so far is still intriguing, and I do hope that the creators and producers will make good use of whatever resources they have at their disposal to turn Almost Human into a successful project.
Anais – Guilty pleasure
Almost Human is not only a dystopia, it’s a dystopia that also involves robots Me likey. The stories are decent and what I saw from episode 3 lets me think that this show definitely has some potential. It is however not without a couple of flaws that make me cringe.
First of all, the show made the mistake of numerous dystopia stories: it chose to have an overall brooding, very dramatic tone that doesn’t let the audience breathe. I’m not saying to put on a Charlie Chaplin type show right in the middle of the episode, but some light-heartedness is always welcome, even if it is a single joke. That was missing from the pilot. In the following episodes, though, it seems like Dorian started to give some very welcome light notes to the show, even if he’s not very good at it. By the way, am I the only one who thinks the creator came up with this show after watching “Proposition Infinity”?
Unfortunately, the characters are not very interesting, aside from Dorian, who apparently has a secret that is already built-up a bit too much to be satisfying when we finally get to discover what it is. The other characters, especially John Kennex, suffer from a severe form of emo face, except that one guy who screams “HAVE YOU NOTICED I’M A JERK?” every time he opens his mouth. I’m much more interested in the show’s universe.
Speaking of, there are some basic logical flaws that keep bugging me. For example, if crime has gotten out of control, why not let the robots just do the job instead of risking lives? Also, during the first two episodes, it just doesn’t look like crime and new technologies are that out of control. They still only have one case to solve every episode. I think I would believe it more if we just saw other cops working on other cases. But they all seem pretty chill for people who have to confront a thousand criminals a day.
However, episode three gave me some hope for the future. After all, Almost Humandoesn’t have a bad premise. In that particular episode, it seemed like they were finally starting to get how they could have fun with it.
I intend on watching Almost Human like I used to watch Numbers. At night, when no one can make fun of me for swooning all over sexy cops solving gross murder cases.'

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