Person of Interest – The procedural you’d better be watching, because it’s watching you.

I don’t think Person of Interest has the kind of devoted fan following you see with Castle, The Mentalist, or even the new, hit series The Blacklist, but it’s back this season with a vengeance. By the end of Season 2, Person of Interest had an incredible series arc developing around the Machine’s AI. Amy Acker (every nerd boy’s fantasy gal) has been killing it as Root, a hacker with a special connect to Finch’s program. Do you know everyone I’m talking about? I’ll just assume you do. If not, check out IMDb or Wikipedia (the superior search for this show because it lists Bear as a main character).
What I want to highlight with Season 3 is how badass the ladies are. For most of the first season and into the second, Person of Interest (or as a friend affectionately refers to it, Hobo Batman) was a simple bromance between a billionaire programmer, Finch, and his ex-CIA-super-stone-faced-fighter buddy, Reese. And it was a good show. Every week they got a new number from the Machine and saved or caught the victim or perpetrator. Detective Joss Carter ((Taraji P. Henson) was always around for the usual role women play in video games – logistics, but then Amy Acker showed up and SHIT GOT REAL! Now there’s another woman on the show, Agent Shaw (kind of the female Reese, but with less feelings) and my head is about to explode with how awesome the finale for this season is going to be.
Joss Carter has started a war with HR, the organized crime group run by cops and city officials, and she’s using all of her connections with Reese and Finch to clean up New York. Carter is one of the most interesting female characters on TV right now. She’s a mom, her first serious boyfriend (post the baby daddy) was just murdered, and she has to clean up after her dirty cop partner despite her own strict moral code. The teasers for next week have hinted that a cop might die, and it’s probably her partner Fusco, but if they’re trying to throw us off and it’s actually Carter, I will be standing on my couch screaming and crying. Seriously guys, this show is intense.
The idea of the Machine, a program that links all of the cameras, telephone networks, and social media into a processing center that watches people for patterns, is timely and terrifying. Our online presence and footprints are extensive. I mean, watch me all you want, I’m not that exciting, but the idea is creepy, right? Facebook keeps asking if I want to look at cute ModCloth dresses, and dammit, I DO. How does it know? Because it’s watching you. So, watch it back. Person of Interest. Do it.

– Roz Y.

A microbiologist turned screenwriter, she loves all things science. Roz enjoys video games (the cake is a lie!) and reading comic books, and arguing with other geeks about both. Inspired by screenwriters like Stephen Moffat, Edgar Wright, Fran Walsh, and Joss Whedon, her favourite genres are science fiction, horror, and fantasy. Roz is so cool she plays the French Horn and has a collection of fabulous head bands.

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