Sleepy Hollow… not so sleepy anymore!

I have no idea how they did it but for a low budget show with cheesy SFX, Sleepy Hollow’s ratings are going through the roof ever since episode 1. Be it for the creep factor that [almost] never fails to keep you on the edge of your seat biting your nails in anticipation – NOTE: Don’t bite your nails, it’s disgusting – or because of the hot lead actor, you can’t argue with the fact that this show is like a gulp of fresh air.
It came out of nowhere and swept us off our wobbly feet! A new take on the old story of Ichabod Crane – and let me pause here to mention two things:
1. I finally know how to spell his name, and it only took about 15 years to learn it!
2. Whatever you say, but the guy named Ichabod would never, ever survive in modern day high school, which is something I felt compelled to mention ever since I heard it first. 
— that saved us all from a much anticipated “Why is there no Johnny Depp in this one?” that filled me with dread ever since the show announcement.
“The Sin Eater” started, surprisingly, with a baseball game! Which was, perhaps, the last thing I ever expected to see on this show. Yet, it felt absolutely right and undoubtedly organic showing a glimpse of normality both the characters and us, the audience, needed to see to feel more grounded in this crazy world of witches, magic, and headless guys running around and killing… well, other guys.
-Ichabod learning the basics of traditional American bonding – via shouting obscenities (that no one can understand because they are very, very Shakespearean) at the baseball players. Man, you could feel him put his very soul into it! 
-Abbie and Ichabod sharing one moment of “sticky cuteness” after another. I ship it! And I am almost not ashamed to admit it. 
-Badass blood-dividing ritual – and the fact that no one died during it. Have you SEEN this blood crawl away? How awesome was that?! 
-Did I mention cute Ichabod/Abbie moments? 
-Sister team work! I’m not sure how I feel about Jenny yet, and the fact that she kind of hates Abbie kind of kills the buzz but they do have a very interesting dynamic and Jenny calling Abbie on all the fun stuff, like liking Ichabod, is fun, no? Plus who doesn’t like a good old catfight? … Sorry, getting distracted. Anyway, sister team work = yay! 
-Awesome dream sequences, like the one in the beginning that almost got Abbie killed because you don’t dream and drive, duh? The way they play with them in this show is fascinating! And creepy. Especially creepy. 
-Ichabod’s wife – I don’t trust her, and the more we see her, the less I like her. There is something about her and her story that makes me suspect that she’s going to be a bad guy in the end. Primarily because she keeps popping up and nearly getting everyone else murdered. No one noticed that? 
-Flashbacks. It’s not that I don’t like flashbacks. It’s that I REALLY don’t like them. Just like voice over, I consider them a crutch that is being used way too much to tell the backstory that could probably be told in other, more exciting ways than curled wigs and tight white pants on guys…. Okay, tight pants are actually not that bad, but the rest of it—Flashbacks are often way too expositional, and more often than not they don’t push the story forward. Now and then – okay, fine, I’ll just look away and pretend that they don’t happen. But when the episodes are heavily loaded with them, you just can’t help yawning. 
-Also, more wife? Jeez! 
-Free Masons? Really? First of all, they seem to be a bit overused lately. But that’s not really the problem. The problem is that by introducing very real, very ordinary humans, the writers take away the creep factor! Instead of Ichabod being kidnapped by something bad and evil and supernatural, he is being taken by humans who turn out to be his friends in the end. Like… how about no?  
-Death threats. Death threats to the main characters. It really is the most annoying thing you can come up with, screenwriter. The moment Ichabod said that he needs to die to stop the Headless Horseman, or when he mentioned probably, maybe dying during the ritual – this was when I lost my interest in that particular story line and stopped caring. He is the MAIN CHARACTER of the show that has been renewed for SEASON 2!!! I’m pretty sure he can’t die even if he starts decapitating himself in every episode. 
-It’s suspiciously easy for Abbie to pull her sister out of that freaky facility whenever she needs it. Besides, if Jenny is there “because of reasons”, it is not entirely plausible that she might be allowed to run around freely like that, even if it helps the cops. 
-Does Ichabod become the next Castiel? I’m sure he has a million reasons to be unhealthily attached to his 19thcentury war clothes… Okay, that sounds a bit too crazy even for me, and my favorite shirt is 15 years old. Point is, is he going to ever change? He’d probably look weird wearing jeans and all that, but he can’t possibly wear that coat for 2 seasons straight without dry cleaning. Or – poor Abbie and everyone who has to work with him. 
-Abbie’s boss is way too okay with the whole supernatural aspect of the stuff she has to deal with. We need a skeptic, and we need a strong one. The Headless Horseman is a perfect antagonist, obviously, but they do need some obstacles in the real world as well. Something to make their small victories sweeter. 
-Abbie/Ichabod stuff is cute as hell but they better not overload the episodes with them, or make this story move too fast. Come on, let the guy suffer the loss of his beloved wife first, k? Just because I don’t like her doesn’t mean it’s okay to just cross her out of his life. (Yes, it’s okay, but I’m trying to be objective here). 
-With the TV show heavily based on historical events (kinda, fictional ones at least), it is inevitable to have flashbacks (gag) but since they brought both Ichabod and the Headless Horseman into the present day Sleepy Hollow, I believe they need to find a way to keep as much action in the present instead of chopping half of every episode by reliving the days long gone. 
This very biased review was brought to you by three gallons of coffee! Stay tuned for more decapitations!

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